Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I love the look and feel of New Years, the pop of gold and silver, the countdown, the champagne bubbles, the first minute of a brand new year! How exciting and exhilarating! That was the spirit that took me over when I decided to sit and make handmade confetti...pros: I did use up a bunch of scraps, and its perfect for a custom color blend! Cons: it took such a long time add to the pros: I watched a couple of episodes of my current favorite Netflix show while mindlessly punching, and chopping!
 Bottom line: Confetti is much easier to buy :)

I used my all time favorite TUBE from SRM and you can see the entire post on the SRM blog with all the details, links and typical silliness you have come to expect from me!

I can't wait to pop the top off of these and fill the air with floating swirling confetti of happiness! Followed by a coin flip to see who will have to clean it up..... I mean it can stay on the floor all sparkly for a while right?
XOXO Shantaie

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