Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Golden Peony Tutorial

Hello my crafty friends, before I start with the details of my tutorial I want to share the inspiration or story if you will behind this embellished takeout box. 

 Someone in my family was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. You never know how you will react to any given situation until you are face to face with it. I tend to stay calm, focused, and absorbing the information as it is delved out to me, seeking more knowledge or the facts of the circumstances. This is how I'm dealing with this news, that doesn't mean that I'm braver, stronger, or super human in any way.
 I just know that if there were ever a time to be a cheerleader, it is now. I face this with hope, and with my pink pom poms shaking, cheering on a fight!  This fight has just begun, and this is my promise. To be the voice of calm, the spirit of hope, and the one cheering her to victory. 

Golden Peony Tutorial

 This peony was cut with the Silhouette and was designed by Jamielane designs Jamie has a wonderful tutorial on assembling the peony itself, this tutorial is a step by step on producing a golden sparkle and a textured flower. First cut your layers in a medium pink cardstock { or whatever color you fancy} my largest petal is 4.5" to give you a general guide.

Next emboss your petals with a repeating pattern, any will be fine, I chose swiss dots because it was the first folder I thought of. Almost any random pattern will work, avoid lines, or objects {like cupcakes or dice etc} no cupcake flowers in nature... not yet anyways! *grins at the thought*

Now for some shimmer! Shake up your favorite glittery spray I'm using a golden smooch and generously spray all of the petal layers. allow to dry for a couple of minutes before handling, otherwise you will turn yourself into King Midas.... well you will have golden fingertips at any rate!

Now gently roll the petal edges to curl upward, its okay if the petals are a wee bit damp, that will actually help this process along.

I stared with the smallest layers building "outward" curling, inking the petal edges with gold ink {this was messy, but worth it} I used hot glue to assemble the flower, I find that hot glue is the best way to assemble quickly and permanently here in "humid city" Florida!

See how the shimmer and the texture transform the plain cardstock to new glamorous heights? swoon! {okay that was the tiniest bit "Wayne's World" of me I know} ;)

To finish up my little gift box {filled with a few helpful items like ginger tea for upset tummy, lip balm, and a pretty pair of cozy socks} I wrapped the box with papers from Teresa Collins Sweet Afternoon collection & ties a bow with tulle. added a gold foil doily and three tiny gold jewels at the bottom. I glittered a banner sentiment from SRM stickers, I fell in love with the idea of making her my pink promise to cheer her back to health!

I hope you found this tutorial useful, paper flowers are always beautiful, and finding new ways to make them, decorate with them, or use them is always fun! Check back for other ways to use  takeout boxes, and for a product giveaway!

You're more than a furry friend!

Everyone loves their pets, they are like perpetual children, loyal guards and secret keepers! So it's only natural that we reserve space for them in our scrapbooks, albums and framed photos.
Allow me to introduce you to Jackson, 

He is my daughters very expressive, very mischievous, and very very energetic "puppy". He makes the most hilarious faces, and I'm always wondering what he is thinking in that sugar filled brain of his!  He was such a tiny little thing when she adopted him {or he adopted her}, we never imagined he would grow quite so large! He is adored by all, and he is family!

 The whimsical blue fire hydrant was cut with the Cricut, and assembled with a "plaything" style in mind, the papers, journaling tags, and stickers are all from Bella BLVD.  tail waggers collection.

I did quite a bit of stitching on this page, all in a neutral thread, I already had sooooo much color going on!  If I could change anything about this layout {that was previously published in Cricut magazine} I would mat the photos. I originally left them unframed as a design preference....but now I think they would pop a bit more if matted. {I do that all the time, look at a project and see what I want to fuss with!} Do you ever do that?

I have a paintbrush and some piles of glitter waiting for my attention, so off to work!
Make something pretty today! ~ Shantaie

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

BIG Wish

Hi! Guess what? I had the chance last night to spend a little quiet time in the craftroom and ink up my newest Stampin'Up! Stamps. I have missed stamping as it seems I do way more die cutting! Check me out...I even dusted off the cuttlebug quilling sets and rolled up a couple little delicate flowers! {she's getting crazy now folks}


 I used this weeks mojo monday sketch, only slightly altered to fit my needs. I also sparkled it a little with some pretty sequins that arrived in the mail from my dear friend Michele Kovak The container in person is stunning! {happy dance}

It was inspiring to make a card "just because" deadlines, no assignments, just because I wanted too!  Today I think I will create a big ole glittery mess.  check back to see what kind of sparkle bomb goes off in the inkingpink studio!  *wink*

Monday, April 21, 2014

Bahama Breezes

 It's such a beautiful word, encompassing so many wishes, dreams and frolics across vast lands and ever mysterious waters. The purpose of vacation {I'm told} is to rest, relax, and recharge. I'm more of an explore, wander, and immerse in the histories, flavors, and cultures type of vacationer myself. So our recent voyage left me tired, swaying on land as if I were still aboard ship, and smiling a smile that only a truly joyous experience can etch on ones face! Well that and rum. Too much rum    

  The view from my hammock on the Bahamian Island Cocoa cay. I swayed, read, drank, and slept here for a few hours. listening to the waves crest, birds squawk and chickens running away from rambunctious children.

The water is so blue you can hardly believe its real, and look at that sky!

Exploring Nassau was an adventure, we walked for miles, ate at the most amazing Greek restaurant, drank Bahama mamas {what else} at this colorful albeit run down bar with a live two man band {that was mysteriously more enjoyable by the sip} and the conch fritters?!!! So amazingly scrumptious!  I was so enamored with this post box!! I wish I could findone for my front porch! Isn't it charming???

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lush & Licorice

Happy Easter to you! As you are watching the little ones hunting eggs, sharing family stories over breakfast, and diving into your Easter baskets keep a smile in your heart. Keep traditions alive and well, and make new memories. Take copious amounts of photos, and savor every morsel of chocolate. Enjoy the spring air, and newly budding trees that will soon be lush and green. More than anything drink it all in and be truly happy!

 I suppose I could stop being so chatty and tell you about my card huh? The card base is a combination of rounds and scallops layered over and over. The bold green and licorice palette is not your traditional "go to" Easter mix, but I just love how it pops! The bunny was cut with the Teresa Collins Easter cartridge  from a small music print paper. I actually made this card almost 2 years ago for the Cricut Circle and didn't realize that I hadn't shared it with you yet!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Party Essentials

Maybe you {like me} are still putting together your Easter goodies, and making last minute favors, gifts, and baskets. I thought I would share the Easter party I designed for Cricut a while back. Most are simple to cut and embellish in a flash, my favorite way to craft ;) as a procrastinator extraordinaire I love fast!  Make them, share them, pin them, enjoy them!

 Stamp an Easter greeting on pretty paper flags

Cut out simple monograms from Vinyl and transform buckets

Embellish a container of chocolates with a sweet bunny

Cupcake liners are perfect little nests for treats

party picks {or bunny wands} are super quick

What are you making for Easter? share your links in the comments below , I can't wait to see your creations!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Hello

I have a silly confession......I'm having such candy shopping withdrawal this year! My girls are both living a low carb lifestyle and have made it clear that no chocolate bunnies or candy eggs are allowed. There are of course non candy treats and gifts to fill an Easter basket, but a little of the fun has been zapped to be sure!
 My answer to steer clear of the candy aisle?  Spend more time in the craft room & make cards!!! {win win} Especially if they are covered in sugar glitter and beautiful Silhouette cuts! bonus,I even got a chance to ink up my new stamps! Totally carb free! { ahemmmm  I ate chocolate while I made it} true story folks!

I just love mojo Monday sketches, I remember the first time I tried to follow a sketch and was so literal that I drove myself crazy trying to get all the measurements just right. Since then I have become way more relaxed and allow the sketch to spark my imagination, and use it as a creative placement guide, they are maybe my favorite designing helper!
This is sketch 340 check it out, its an easy one to play along with!

For this card I cut the carrots out twice, popped them up with foam tape and coated them top to bottom with sugar glitter!  The doily and "my new favorite frame" were also cut with the Silhouette and lightly inked along the edges.

If you want your cards to stand out, surprise the recipient, or just want to use up all those little scraps that created that mess on your table while making your cards, decorate the inside!
 why? It brings the design to the inner part of the card, and unifies the look, feel, and sometimes even the function of the card! Here I have a dark card base, too dark to write on, a white piece of paper helps give me an area for a greeting. All the rest is a happy place to look at when you open it!

thanks for stopping in and helping me stay out of the candy shops! XOXO~ Shantaie