Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Champagne gummy bears

I used to do this little thing on facebook where I named three things I loved that day, it could have been a lipstick color or a new paper line, but I had fun sharing my favorites, I'm not sure why I stopped, it was fun and opened up an easy comfortable line of conversation and I miss that. 

In that spirit I hope you will love my favorites today! I have been working at the lakeridge winery for 25 years doing the monthly events there, and the southern white wine is simply divine! Sweet, subtle, smooth, and easy to drink even for those who don't like wine!  I love to read and these champagne gummy bears my daughter got me for Valentines day are soooooo scrumptious such a great pair while relaxing and reading! 

Roses are always a good idea. Sweet aroma, soft velvety petals, and they make any room in the home feel luxurious! 

I have an love for doors that borders on obsession! They offer entry to hidden spaces, kind of the way reading a story does, and like a wonderful book, this doorway is magical!!! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Taking A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

New York City Is A Feast For The Eyes!

 Manhattan does not disappoint, the architecture, the people, and oh the shop windows! We walked miles and miles each day of my recent birthday trip to New York and enjoyed every step everything but the flights and flights of stairs in and out of the subway!
 We did treat ourselves to the magical world famous Magnolia bakery banana pudding, and even got cake on my birthday, where the entire staff and shop full of customers sang to me while banging on baking sheets, a moment I will never forget and always cherish!

I stopped many times to snap a quick photo of the beautiful creations like these mini cakes found at the grand central market.  One of my favorite places!!! I would love to get these for Valentines day!!!

I just adore the sprinkle rimmed cupcakes, such a simple design that anyone can recreate and feel successful at!

These cinnamon and chocolate twisted pretzels have my heart in knots! I didn't try them, but they look divine!

I couldn't leave the city without having a it's not a rainbow bagel, but it is everything!!!!

This ruben from Rue 57 is the absolute best I have ever had! I did not eat clean my whole visit, I regret nothing!!!! The bread in NYC is magical, crusty, and soft, and the flavor is... well it's perfect!

Delicious turkey burger, but that corn salad from Rue 57 is worth the trip on it's own! 

No matter what, do not miss the Magnolia bakery on your next visit, I'm from the south and I know banana pudding, and honey nothing can beat this little pot of sweet smooth confection! 

Monday, February 6, 2017

be mine! be mine!

I'm always in love with nontraditional color combos like this coral and mint Valentine's card, LOVE!!!! I had a little quiet time in the studio tonight, and before making my card I made a list of all the things I love, and I have decided to pursue those things with all of my heart. What greater love is there than the pure love of life?!!! Dear intentional living be mine!

One of the things in my studio that I love is my stack of SRM stickers, like the Valentine Border sticker used here. I have also been reaching for my glimmer mist more and more these days to add paint drops. Super fun to drop and splatter paint!
I hope you will visit more and more in the days, and weeks ahead as I plan to share more of the things I love, paper is only a small area of my overall passion, and it's time to shine a spotlight on all of my loves! 

What are your loves???

Porchside Pretty

With the absence of holiday topiaries and poinsettias my front entryway has been bare and icky sad and gray! I needed to add some green and some much needed life to greet me cheerfully as I walk in... or as I leave for the day's tasks!  I have never tried hydrangeas before even though they are one of my favorites, fingers crossed I can keep it healthy and vibrant.

Don't you love shopping for plants? I get all giddy walking through rows and rows of waxy leaves and velvety petals, I have a hard time choosing what to pick up.....I always want to buy everything. Living in Florida means dry hot days so I do have to keep that in mind.

My home is my nest, my sanctuary, and my place of unequalled joy, live plants add so much brightness and calm to a space ...indoors and out. I love the simple elegant beauty of my little porch, the perfect view as I walk up to my front door, like a little hug! 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Be mine sweets

Is there anything more fun than making treat containers? I love "3D" papercrafting the most! To me it feels like magic to transform flat sheets of paper into something useful or happy, filled with candy or gifts! 

I added glitter to these SRM stickers by the dozen with an added sticker from a valentine border, as well as a simple but sparkling gold sequin. The french fry boxes were cut with a sizzix die, and are easily assembled, I may just have to make a dozen or so, I bet my staff would love these!!
 Have a great weekend, I hope you get to do all the things you love best! XOXO Shantaie

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Love is Golden

My newest love is ginger tea, it's steeped ginger lemon and a touch of honey, it's warmth and slight zip are so spirit lifting, as well as healthy for my body and soul. So happy to be spending time in my studio too, I am feeling more like myself and refreshed with each hour I spend creating. Oh happy day! 

I pulled out a basket of watercolor paints and just kind of swiped a few shades of coral, pink and red onto watercolor paper, the hardest part for me is always waiting for paint to dry..... some impatient  time later I added a row of stenciled hearts and a dash of gold glitter and waiting impatiently again.....
After that I began adding layers of embellishments and goodies, and had oh so much fun, sipping tea and glueing on pretty things!

This is the beginning of my season of hearts, I hope I get more free time to create with such a warm heart and free spirit! 
Have a wonderful love filled day!XOXO Shantaie

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sweet Heart Love

I cut two sheets of Valentine tags, backgrounds, and hearts. To be exact. hearts, hearts and more hearts all cut out with my Silhouette earlier today. I knew it would brighten my day to have a counter covered in such sweet cuts! I placed them all along my countertop and made a little bowl of confetti with the negative pieces. So adorable!

How easily todays card came together with pretty papers from the baby mine collection, and a few lovely embellishments added to my new stockpile of Valentine hearts. Sigh, love is in the air! Puppy love around here, with our new little Lilly prancing and cuddling, and chewing on everything in sight including me!

She is a little monster, but oh how sweet she is!

I plan to use each and every one of my cuts, as my theme for Valentine's Day this year is "love letters" and I hope to send them out and spread some love!!!!