Friday, April 29, 2016

Clearly The Best!

Hello my crafty darlings, today I'm featured on the SRM blog with a pretty Mother's day (or anyday) gift idea for someone special in your life. 
I treasure so many of the Mother figures that have graced my life over the years, as well as countless dear friends that uplifted me in various ways so that I could be a better Mother to my girls (and all my many "adopted" teens over the years) 
Motherhood and Mothering are lifelong jobs, even to animals {other than your children!}
  a sweet little gift seems in order don't you think? :)
* feel free to leave that hint on post it notes all over the house and car!* 

I started with a clear purse box and added a gold dotty vellum panel in the back, I began layering with a 4" white doily  and a floral frame. A little swirled circle, and a die cut flower sit just behind a floral printed paper flower, and those two ribbons creating the perfect place for the greeting using mothers day express yourself stickers

I left this gift box empty to allow me to fill it later with a gift later, and to allow you to decide what you can fill yours with! Chocolate, gift cards, or a pretty bracelet are some of my favorites! ;) 

Happy everyday to you! XOXO~ Shantaie

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pink Lemonade Chevron embossed bags

 today I have a trio of sweet lemonade chevron embossed glassine bags that I made for the SRM blog to share with you! This color combo always makes me happy, and it'sperfect for "pink lemonade" 
 Filled with old fashioned lemon drops, these bags are a treat!

I cut layered lemon wedges with my Silhouette in shades that instantly bring to mind glasses of ice cold pink lemonade, and breezy sunny days! A confection of a tag and ticket cluster add a pop to the left corner and is made of the sweetest ingredients. A bakers twine bow ties up a bit of gold sequin trim and a flag showcasing a sticker sentiment from life is good and two rows of pastel borders .  

A floral pin, a wood tag, and a little ticket finish it up, and looks so happy on top of that glittery lemon!

I love the way glassine bags give you a little peek into what is inside, this one with a row of pink stitching and another border along the bottom is soft and sweet just like a frothy pink lemonade!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Big Smiles

I found a few minutes to whip up a card to share, (okay "whip up" is a gross misrepresentation of the actual process of snacking on a chipotle bowl, watching netflix, and digging through all of my supplies and making a mountain of a mess in 20 minutes or less!)  I love all the textures, and little details that all splash together like they just fell out of a sparkly treasure filled box and landed where they wished! ( see previous statement)

So many chipboard stickers! Don't you love that they are back in such a big and super glamorous way!!?? I used the Maggie Holmes chipboard for this card, and I plan to use every last piece! I almost sure all the gold ones will end up in one project! :)

Have a happy day, make pretty things, and no matter what never let anyone tell you that your heart is wrong! XOXO~Shantaie

Friday, April 8, 2016

Sweet Birthday Wishes!

I never tire of experimenting, learning, and growing in all areas of my life. I have moved from a PC to a mac and so far I have zero regrets, there are some changes and as I move on from my "old way" of editing photos I am playing around with making things easier, and faster, and more "artsy" or interesting.
This is a really long way of explaining that I'm trying new things,  Soooo my photos will be all over the place until I "land" on a style I like ....or until I decide that experimenting means I don't have to "land" ;)

Its a Friday night before a weekend of work, and I just wanted to make a card for fun, birthday cards are always in demand so I pulled out a happy Stamp set to play with! This set small packages from verve is sooooooo adorable! and has a sweet little die to match! (you know how much I love hand cutting!) Not at all! ;) So Stamp sets that have coordinating dies are my favorites!

I have to share with you... as I grow and change, and declutter, and simplify, I have been rethinking everything. I want to share more areas of my whole life, more than just papercrafts, I'm not sure in what way, or how to start. I have backed myself into corner of sorts, by being only a paper craft designer in the public eye, but I am a real person with many interests and skills, and lots of " I wish I was skilled" but I will try it anyways! LOL Plus there are still  million paper craft projects I have not yet perfected, so there's that too! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

hello birthday girl

A post two days in a row?! You betcha! I snuck in a little late night creating while the house was quiet and clean! I have so much more energy when the house is in order and clean (at least to the naked eye) you know what I mean! ;)

  I picked up some scrum-dilly-icious chipboard stickers from maggie holmes and they are almost too pretty to use....almost!!! I'm kinda loving how many "back in the old days" paper crafting techniques are being revived in all new ways, like this emboss resist  from Danielle Flanders  I was excited to use the resist technique on watercolor paper added a few ink splatters in gold and blue then layered the card with pretties!

It is a rainy night, and the house is still in one maybe I will spend the evening rolling in glitter here in my studio! YAY!
hope you fund some crafty time too! Shantaie

Monday, March 28, 2016

Smarty Pants

Hi long time no see! I have been a busy girl this last month and crafting, writing and me time is at an all time low...but I'm happy to be working, and life is wonderful, so other than a serious (and concerning) glitter withdrawal I'm not complaining!

I was excited to see this morning that it was time for me to be featured on the SRM blog with these adorable graduation favors created using SRM stickers by the dozen  and these tiny clear treat bags  I know aren't they great?!!! The entire post can be read here as well as lots and lots of amazing posts by the entire team!

My cousins gorgeous girl will be graduating soon, and I plan to send these...or hand deliver them if I can for her grad celebration! It's such a big deal to graduate, so every detail is going to be a lifelong memory!

 I will be back with some fun posts later this week!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blas Banner

What On Earth is she talking about? Blas? It's an Irish word:
Blas (Bloss) – Taste, flavour, accent. BEAUTY THROUGH TASTE.
This Irish word is used in a proverb that translates as ‘a small amount is tasty’, a notion perhaps better suited to a country like Ireland than the concept that ‘bigger is better’. The word can also be used of speech – one says in Irish that there is a lovely flavour on a person’s speech if their accent is good.
This sweet little banner was made for SRM last year and I think it's the perfect little something for my entryway! Made with paper bags, cupcake wrappers, gold doilies and bits and pieces of adornments, I love it! 

I have a few other little St.Patrick's Day decor items ...somewhere lost in my shed of eternal doom that I must sort out soon, in my quest to declutter every aspect of my life! A job that is equal parts torture and bliss! I am more productive these days due to less clutter and my golden dots planner!

Bike week starts for me today, and will be my life pretty much non-stop for the next 11 days, so having this sparkling banner greet me hello, and send me out the door is a welcome bit of small happiness!
bakers twine
St.Patrick's Day stickers
punched pieces white

have a lucky day! Shantaie