Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Splash down little mermaid

Hi! How are you today? Feeling a little summery yet? Me too!
I've been having fun playing with heat transfer vinyl and linen bags, to make these splashy mermaid treat bags.This post was featured on the SRM blog a few days ago, I'm loving this soooo much! :)

I love this mermaid cut found on the Silhouette store, and decided to alter it, by only using the tail portion of the design, "splashing into the water" was what I was going for! I cut the design into heat transfer vinyl and ironed it onto the bag with a dry hot iron. I wanted a bit of color so I pulled out a green and a blue glimmer mist, and sprayed fairly generously! :) 

I also added a few little heat transfer gems, and glued on some half back pearls. In the top corner A small glass bottle filled with sandy hued glitter, and a rope bow are just the cherry on top! 
Dive right in and fill the bag with candy, a strand of pearls or some fabulous beach waves hair products to give as a summer gift! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Golden Graduation Pic nic

My niece is graduating in a few weeks, she wants her event to be memorable, and unique!  The best part of being a paper crafter is being able to customize premade items, like these cards I picked up at the dollar spot in Target. A few little details and a sheet of SRM thank you stickers I can make a dozen thank you cards for her to send after the party! 

Need fast easy cards? just add the Thank you sentiment, and they are ready to go!


No party is a party without a cake or cupcakes! These cupcake toppers are quick because I picked up the pleated circles as part of a banner package, there were 8 for 3.00 and all I did was add a gold banner, and the SRM round sticker by the dozen take 2 graduation stickers and a stick to insert into the cupcake. These literally took 15 minutes total! 

Super sweet right?

Invitations are the "headliner" to any party, and as we are doing a casual glamorous party, these simple but elegant cards are perfection! I love the fun 2016 sticker under the gold embossed graduation cap, a quick peel and stick and they are ready to go!

What could be more easy? You are going to love these SRM invitation inserts, all the info you need is ready to fill in. Quick and simple!

I used the chevron embossed glassine treat bags and filled them with chocolates of gold and lavender that match the party. They are folded closed, and topped with a doily and layers of ribbon and paper flags, and sealed with a clothespin. A luxurious gold tassel is adorned with a 2016 sticker tag, and the flag to the left is sporting a sticker sentiment from the graduation stickers by the dozen take 2 

All the elements to get a party started, right here. SRM has stickers, treat containers, and all the happy additions you need to make a party both easy and gorgeous!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Try Again...

Trying new things is the absolute best, and my favorite aspect of any artform.... however sometimes it leads to small failures. I remember learning to sew I put a sleeve in a dress inside out and finished the little dress for Meagan, it wasn't until she was on her way to school in that wonky dress that I noticed the mistake! 
Oh I still laugh at the memory of that dress! However I moved on to become a pretty accomplished seamstress, no tiny failures stopped me from learning! 
Sooooo last night I had to move on from the um...ahem...ugliest card ever! LOL

 Yes it has a few redeemable qualities, but the hues, layout, composition...are all pretty terrible! The techniques are pretty awesome, the parts all smooshed together are well...awful! LOL I will laugh at this one for quite some time! I didn't want to give up on the idea, so I tried again.

Much better color, softer, sparklier, and cleaner lines! I'm glad I gave it another try, I quite like this version! Maybe not my favorite this week, and I spent more time than I should, especially when I have more packing to do! :)

side by side comparison, okay maybe its not the ugliest card I've ever made, but the others were filed in the round bin! I'm glad I photographed this one before throwing it out, to share my "failure" not sure any attempt should be a failure, just an attempt with less than desirable results! LOL

So keep trying my friends! XOXO ~ Shantaie

Monday, May 23, 2016

Watercolor hello


I love the days that I can share projects I made for my design team days or weeks ago! It feels like the crafty version of a bucking bronco holding at the gate just so excited for the door to swing open and be set free! Yay, I can show you my project!!! :) 

These pretty watercolor cards were made for SRM press and are all about using stickers for simple card making! Check out the SRM blog for all the details and the products I used to make them.

I have been using my glimmer mist a lot these days, I have had some of these bottles for years and years, now I can't seem to stop spritzing everything! (don't you love falling in love with your crafty goodies all over again?!) I have never stopped using stickers, and I keep finding new ways to use them all the time!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

It Really Is The Little Things

Another painted card today, with a row of little SRM sticker greetings just right for an all occasion card. I'm going to try harder to send real cards out, I still believe that getting a card in the mail or on your desk is such an uplifting thing that can't truly be replaced or duplicated by a text or a message.

This card is so sweet, I need to hit the treadmill LOL I love these colors, golds, whites and shades of fluffy cotton candy, pure sugar! I decided to add a bit of white ink to the flower chipboard cluster, I really like how it defined the leaves, and floral centers, A technique I will try again for sure!

This is my last full weekend in Florida before the grand road trip (aka pilgrimage to New York for the summer)
 I have to work today, but I'm planning to slip in a little Disney time between packing and cleaning! I don't love packing...but I do love the zen aspect of reflecting upon how fortunate I am to have this life, this busy, crazy, beautiful life!!!!!!! It's one little thing, that means so much.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Three Cheers

I get so sentimental this time of year, all the graduations happening remind me of how many years these students have been working towards this goal. The miles of papers they have written, the world of knowledge they have gained, and most of all all the untapped potential of their futures! 
I tell you it's electric! 

I put a few tools to work to make this card, I started by painting, adding some shimmery texture, and a silhouette frame and die cuts. I had fun layering chipboard stickers, stamped banners, and rows of SRM sentiment stickers and paper doilies 
I have to admit that anytime I am just "free playing" in my craftroom I end up the happiest! No rules, no clue what I'm doing! LOL
 You know what I mean, just pulling out whatever and making a big mess!

Three cheers to all the graduates. We can't wait to see what you do next.
 Next I'm going to enjoy a little Asian food and quiet time before working a concert

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How Sweet of you!

Here in sunny Florida we are enjoying not only the sun, but the relief from allergy season for a day or two as we had "end of days" kind of rain all night! The birds are singing nonstop, the grass is greener, and the air is clean!  I couldn't be happier... well a cupcake could make me a little happier! :)

A while back my sweet friend Julee Tilman sent me one of her Verve stamp sets called small packages. ( love her! ) It's such an awesome versatile set, with a matching die cut set available too!!!! 

Thanks to Julee  I'm falling in love with stamping again, she offered me a chance to be guest designer last summer, and I have been slowly getting my stampy groove back since!
after so many years as the "paper cutter queen" I often didn't get enough stamping into my projects, and I missed it so much! 

Stamped and embossed in gold, this cupcake is a royal treat! the shaker is filled with mermaid colored sequins and glass glitter, so much shimmer in such a small space! I could go blind ;)

I want to go get a cupcake now, after experimenting with my ISO and white balance on my DSLR and my MAC's photo editing software I earned a sweet treat! When all else fails.....frosting!

Do something sweet for yourself today! XOXO Shantaie