Thursday, March 27, 2014

Die Cut Diamond Patterned Egg

 There is no such thing as too much Easter,{ unless we are talking about that static cling basket filler stuff...its pretty but, no!}  So I'm sharing another Easter card I made for last springs issue of Cricut magazine  As you can see I cut egg shaped layers for the card front and added an intricate diamond pattern. Each diamond intersection is embellished with pearls. lots and lots of pearls! The overlapping sections of the diamonds are trimmed away from the egg and now your'e ready to decorate!

Use any shape that has a repeating pattern, I chose to use two patterned papers in similar colors, but one or three would be gorgeous too! In my typical more is more style, I tied a double bow of crocheted lace and seam binding, and attached a big cream crocheted flower topped with a fabric button also adorned with a delicate crocheted flower. This card looks really time consuming, but its relatively simple to recreate. The concept will work on most solid shapes, so if Easter eggs are not your "thing" why not try it on a circle or a rectangle? 

I am in countdown mode, in 5 days my braces finally come off!!!!  I can't wait to see if I can still whistle, the dry "mouthful of crackers" sound I make when I try now is just pitiful!  

Get busy, and use up your pearl stash!!! 

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Hrvatica said...

Beautiful card. Love your more is more style.