Monday, June 11, 2012

Imagine Ombre Chevron Tutorial

There are two very big, very hot trends at the moment Chevron patterns are everywhere, and they are fabulous, but combined with the ombre effect they are divine! I have been bursting at the seams to share this new technique with you, and I decided a tutorial would be in order!

 You will need a Cricut Imagine for this project, however if you do not have an Imagine don't leave just yet, you can apply this technique to colored cardstock as well! 

I used my ombre chevron to create a fathers day card, but the pattern is virtually a blank slate to create any type of card you choose! I love how this turned out...with one minor exception, I did make my "test" chevrons a little too short but I fixed that and now they are perfect for a 4.25"x 5.5" standard card.As you will see you can adjust them for any size you need.OK we have a lot to cover so lets get started!

Start by selecting a zig zag or chevron style image from one of your cartridges, I am using this border shape found on the Teresa Collins sophisticated Cartridge. There are several images that will work, just use what you like. A ric rac shape would work too! I am showing you how to do this in Cricut Craft Room, you can also use your Gypsy or DS

Set the image size to 5 inches wide by .93 {or so} tall. To do this you will click the icon between the numbers to unlock the aspect ratio, this will allow you to change the size in this manner.

Place the chevron images on the left side of your mat ending at around 11" You will be cutting the cardstock at 4.25" wide, and 11" long after you have finished printing your ombre design. Space them as desired, I "eyeballed" them, and spaced the with a "medium" gap between.

For my card I chose 7 chevron stripes, you may add or subtract that nunber as desired.

Now that you have your images in place, lets add some color! Click the colors and patterns tab, make sure your CCR program is set on the Imagine and that fill mode is not checked.

Choose from your Imagine cartridges, that will have at least one or two of the colors you would like to use.

Now Click the patterns tab.

 When you click on the patterns tab, a drop down menu will appear. click on colors.

 The colors that coordinate with that cartridge will appear.In addition to the pre selected colors is the colorful icon with an arrow in the center, you will use that tool to add colors that are not pictured among your options.

Starting at either the bottom or the top choose the darkest shade you want in your ombre line up. 

Use the color tool to find the perfect shades, I found that I had to try a few variations to get what I really liked. If you have a list of RGB values for your favorites, you can key those in. I know a lot of people have them....I'm too "loosey Goosey for all of that" :D   *wink*

Now that you have your design all colored in, you will print only on your Cricut Imagine {or cut your colored cardstock if you don't have an Imagine!!!!}. After printing, remove paper from mat and cut to 4.25X 11. Fold in half and embellish! save your design, or make several colors and keep the papers on hand to whip up a card as you need it!
 I hope I was a little more clear than mud! What do you think???
 ~ happy creating!


Donna Schnees said...

Wow! TFS. Manly cards are hard to come by. Using this or any pattern in MAN colors makes any card perfect. Thanks again for sharing!

Sis Patterson said...

Great tutorial - and definitely on trend. Love your color palate and the card is just perfect!

karen said...

This is lovely and so versatile.

Carolyn/MamaC said...

Gorgeous card! Thanks for the tutorial, too!

Sherly said...

Vert NICE! but...I don't have a Cricut Imagine ; (


BettyBee said...

Shantaie, this is brilliant! Thanks for a very informative tutorial. I appreciate seeing how to incorporate my Imagine with CCR, and especially using the on-board designs in a unique way! Love the card, and the colors are just beautiful! Going to PIN this, so I have it right at my fingertips!!

Court said...

Great tutorial! I loved it! Must get an Imagine!

Nadia ( said...

You are so clever! Great card and fabulous tutorial!!

image queen said...

Nicely done and easy to understand. Thanks for going to all that trouble.

liz at liz's paper loft said...

thank you so much for showing how to do this! I knew there was more I could do with my Imagine!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial! I can't wait to use this!

cdm317 said...

I love this! The tutorial is great. I will be trying this idea.

flowerdisco said...

i do not own the I but from all the pretty things that "tight" accordion flower looks so nice too. :)