Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Strawberry Baby

Its been a few days since I had a project to share, and I have what would seem as the counterpart to my last project! {Cheery Cherry Hello} In a way it is, but only because I was inspired by this beautiful little dress.

It is so classic and feminine, and I would be dishonest to say that all those memories of my girls in their Cherry and Strawberry outfits didn't sway me just a little while searching for a gift for a new baby girl. The moment I saw it I had to get it! This card was 100% an attempt to replicate the feeling of the dress on paper.

I had these pretty crocheted strawberries, and thought it would be pretty with a layer of sugary glitter! I based the layout of the card on this weeks Mojo Monday sketch 238 ...don't look too closely you will notice my tiles are a wee bit off { as you know I'm a no rules crafter} so yes I winged it! I try to never get too stressed out over imperfections........remember this is for fun! Happy Creating~



flowerdisco said...

I want yo be like you :) . You are so super talented!
Love this card too. Oh, I went to j 's today and I was grinning ad I pass by your pillows pic ad. :)

Anonymous said...

How very thoughtful and the card is perfect just the way it is. I like the personal touch of no rules crafting. Very pretty indeed.

JustJules said...

Love this project!!


Unknown said...

Wow Shantaie, that truly captured the strawberry feel...terrific job, regardless of imperfections they only add to the over all design...love it !!!

Life and Knits said...

It's beautiful! I think the little imperfections in our crafts make them truly unique and original! Great work as always. So, so pretty!