Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sitting Pretty

Can you just imagine how eggs-cited I got when I stumbled upon these adorable chocolate hens for Easter??? Picture me in World market looking for a little candy egg to fill a tiny chicken shaped basket and spotting these bright gorgeous foil wrapped girls sitting pretty on a shelf....*squeal*  OK maybe you are wondering what all the hub bub is about chickens??? I along with several other ladies belong to a group call the "hen house crafters" we are a close knit group that meets once a week to craft ,eat lunch, and do fun things! So now you see why I flipped.....I knew I had found the perfect Easter gift for the hens!

You may recognize these pretty little berry baskets, aren't they super cute in shades of berry?? I love how perfectly the chickens fit, and still have plenty of room for the truffle eggs that came in the package. Of course I did sample one  {or two} to make sure the chocolate was yummy....and trust me it was gift worthy! :D

I used the Teresa Collins Craft Room Exclusive Easter basket cartridge To cut out these little egg shaped tags, I inked the edges and stamped a greeting in a berry shade and coated the entire egg with crystal effects and let the glitter flow! I love the vintage feel of a glitter covered tag! So darling!

The hens were thrilled with these little baskets, and it was a joy for me to make them smile...the way they make me smile all the time, it's another small way for me to express how much they mean to me...and I always relish the chance to give a gift, especially at Easter!! {Oh the love of packaging and giving a gift.....its my weakness! }

I may never find these adorable chicks again, but for this Easter I'm pretty happy I did! If you still need to whip up some quick Easter treat baskets the berry basket is fast and easy, or give these
carrot patch boxes a try, maybe even one of these tomato containers!

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Sis Patterson said...

How much fun are these? Love your hens, eggs, and tags! Wonderful and thoughtful gift!

debbie said...

How cute!!! from one hen to another!! Happy Easter!

flowerdisco said...

your hens are so very pretty. happy easter to you too.

Bunnyfreak said...

Love these. Saw them on the cricut MB and had to comment.