Thursday, March 15, 2012

TUBE socks

A few weeks ago the bridal party went to blow off a little steam bowling, dancing, and sipping a few cocktails. I wanted to give the girls a fun party favor that would fit the occasion...I really didn't care for many of the bridal party or bachelorette party trinkets and was stuck for a better option....then it hit me SOCKS!!! We all know how fashionable and lovely rented bowling shoes are {whatever} and I decided some fun bright silly socks would be a cute little favor. But how to make a pair of socks seem special enough to give as a favor? SRM TUBES of course!!! genius!

I rolled the sock up and used a strip of tape to secure the roll, inserted the sock and used a chopstick to push it it without "squishing" them..

 To finish the gift I added a ring pop { a nod to the brides big day} and a fun accent! Keep in mind that you really never know what color the ring pop is going to be...I purchased 8 and only one was pink with a pink ring base...oh well they were still super fun!

I topped the TUBE off.. well not the top, but the bottom, with SRM border stickers these are from the Birthday borders, and were just the thing to take the favor from good to great!

I loved seeing the girls reaction to their little gift, and they turned heads when they all put them an and strutted around in the silly socks! We had a great time, and having happy feet always makes life just that much better!

If you are planning a bowling party, or any type of function that fun socks could enhance, give  TUBE socks as your favor!!! Sure to be a big hit at any age!
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Creative Hayes Creations said...

Very cute idea..thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

How fun! Love this idea!

Diana Joy said...

What fun. Thanks for the idea.