Friday, March 30, 2012

Hippity Hop Goes the Sparkly Bunny

The mood struck me to break out the markers and do a bit of watercoloring, it was very relaxing...that is once I decided what stamp to color. I have a small collection of Easter stamps.... very small especially since its my favorite holiday. I have got to stock up on some new rubber, if you have a favorite Easter set, share the love and let me know!

I may not have many Easter sets, but I DO have a nice selection of SRM stickers for Easter like this too cute "Hippity Hop" sentiment! Love!!! Now if you know me at all, you know purple is my least favorite color and I almost never use it, I wanted a unique combo, so turquoise and purple with a pop of yellow!

My usual coarse glitter addiction makes this bunny look like a sugared candy treat more than a rabbit in a garden....which was my original plan, good thing a candy bunny is totally acceptable at Easter time! :D  I was hoping the chevron embossing would show up a little better in the photos, in person it looks so cute and old time Easter-y! I always get so nostalgic during holidays! Oh but I do not miss that static clingy plastic Easter grass stuff...remember that stuff??? oh the horror!!
* shudders with the memory of a gooey peep with plastic grass stuck to it smooshed into the carpet*

Well thats enough of that!!!  LOL  Thanks for hopping in today, talk to you soon!

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