Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Berry Baskets To Bunny Baskets

Can you hear my heart fluttering with the excitement that spring is here and Easter is on it's way? Lets start by me telling you that Easter is a landslide winner when it comes to favorite holidays. I love everything about it. The sweet pastel colors. The precious baby animals associated with spring. The dyed and candy eggs. And oh the baskets, how I love assembling a spring container filled with chocolate bunnies, flavorful jelly beans, and trinkets of traditions, be they old or new.

The inspiration for this basket was the idea of a vintage feeling simple Easter. I fell head over heels for the berry basket found on the new Spring cottage Cricut art cartridge. I decided to skip the handle and keep the berry basket like the ones I remembered from my childhood. I added a pretty cream lace, and a border cut in white found on the Garden soup art cartridge.

I filled the baskets with just a few sweets and a gift or two. I love how romantic and soft they turned out, just as I had hoped they would. I can't wait to share these, I feel like a kid sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the school bell to ring!!! {oh ummmmmm...... don't tell anyone but I had to replace the chocolate eggs, they were yummy!!} Seriously you didn't expect me to let that chocolate sit there taunting me until April did you??? This time the package stays closed until its time to hand them out!  *wink*

Grab a stack of pastel card stock, and make a few Bunny baskets for your Easter celebrations!!

Hoppy creating!


Tee said...

beautiful easter basket.


Nana's Paper Things said...

Very beautiful. I like the idea of no handle on the basket, they had no handles when I was growing up too.
LizW in TX

Sara Andrews said...

That's exactly what I was thinking~ how long would open chocolate last in our house?? Great Easter treats!

Beth Miskowsky said...

I appreciate the sustainable choice you made in the berry basket. I hope this really catches on. It is truly beautiful and thoughtful.