Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paint chip Layout

This is the second paint chip project I have put together for you this weekend, This time I'm using the standard long variegated row of  colors we most associate with  when we think of a paint chip. I started with pink of course, and I knew without a doubt I wanted to use the paper girl collection from the girls paperie.This line of papers has "me" written all over them! I love how the strip slowly softens as your eye follows it down to the title, its a great visual tour guide for my page.

 Taking my cues from the chip, I used several shades of pink with no worry of them not working together or looking out of place, another reason to LOVE paintchips! I used a sketch from scrapbook trends as my map, I altered it to fit my own needs because that is really how I like to use a sketch, Its the foundation, and the rest is up to me.

I put my cricut and the Cindy Loo cartridge to work creating the title and the swirls, as well as the scallop circle the flowers and the swirly thingamajingy. I LOVE LOVE the measuring tape border sticker, and the pom poms, its a nod to my former children's clothing designer life. I had a lot I wanted to say about my recent birthday and how I feel about my life right now. So I made a journal page for the back of the Lo, I have a romantic vision of my girls pouring over the scrapbooks one day and discovering it, reading about me ...who I am not only as their Mom but as a woman who is not the same as she was at 25 or the same she will be at 60, the woman I'm am at 43. I have never made a page that was just about me ...I was pretty intimidated at first, but I had a story to tell so it felt good to tell it!
I am me


Anonymous said...

Love your layout and the paint chip ideas.
Just thought you might like to know there is no U in "Forty", easy fix for you to take it out if you want to. If not that is okay too.

Shantaie said...

Oh hello....thats a goober like me!!! :)

Unknown said...

Cool layout, Shantaie - and it does reflect your personality perfectly! And, the "oops" - you should leave it. My CM Rep always reminds me that my "oopses" are all part of the scrapbook process, and they are ME, so I should never try to undo them - as much as sometimes I hate to leave them (the perfectionist in me struggles), I do it because I know she's right! Unless it's a 'factual' error, I always leave my mistakes in the scrapbook. ;)

Shantaie said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my oops...and you know ,I did fix it on my LO, but Im not going to change the pics because you are so right they are part of me...Im human and I make mistakes, silly funny mistakes are part of who I am :)
{{{hugs}}} to you

jramsdell said...

Love your page layout. I love every thing about this page, color,details and the story about you! Thanks for sharing.

JennyKozar said...

Love the layout! The colors and focus are fantastic!

Jana Eubank said...

Gorgeous layout, Shantaie! She's a scrapbooker, a card maker, an altered queen . . . is there anything you CAN'T do?! Nope! You are amazing! :) HUGS!