Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Imagine That....A Pirate Cupcake

Todays project features the Rock Princess cricut cartridge and the Audrey Imagine cartridge.
I never get tired of playing with my Cricut Imagine. I have so much fun discovering all of the amazing things it can do for me!
I will be the first to admit that at first I was not sold on the patterns and colors cartridges....I couldn't really imagine wanting to print papers. The fact is that the patterns and colors cartridges are NOT just for printing papers! The ARE the most amazing cartridges for adding...Ahem ummmm patterns and colors to your cartridge cuts!
 What on Earth am I blabbering about you say? Think about it, you plug in a cricut cartridge, you plug in a patterns and colors cartridge and you print and cut the layers you want to have pattern, {or color} and it can all be done on one sheet of white cardstock, no wasted paper, no wasted time!

If you have not utilized the built in Imagine cuts, please check those out! The shapes are so fabulous! Just pick one, fill it in with a pattern and cut! TADA!!!!
 I made this super cute pirate cupcake for  Chella to give to a friend, I like to keep "just in case" cards on hand and its nice to have teen themed cards in the stash!

I know how much you love seeing new ideas and different projects made with the Imagine, so head on over to Cindys blog for another project using Audrey and Rock princess!

Remember, don't think of these cartridges as just for paper {but don't forget they do make beautiful paper} think of them as an endless design resource for your cartridge cuts! I'm a believer!!!!
Happy Creating!


LesleyfromWI said...

This is super cute!

2 Ducky said...

Keep posting and make me a believer too. I am still trying!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Shantaie, this is just adorable. I love my Imagine.... and love coming to your blog to learn new things I can try on it. hugs

Leslie said...

That is great!!!

KayTee said...

Amazing as always, Shantaie! Thank you for reminding us just how awesome the Imagine is. =)

Deneen said...

What a wonderful card to give someone. Did you make the cupcake off to the side too?

Shantaie said...

Yes I did make the 3D cupcake a couple of years ago. I keep them on a shelf in my craftroom , they make me smile!

Anonymous said...

I finally won Audrey on ebay. Thanks for enabling me (again). You are an inspiration!