Friday, December 31, 2010

Teresa Collins Desk Calendar

I'm in a little bit of denial that today is the very last day of 2010, I just can't believe its over so soon! I know that is such a cliche' thing to say, but the year has been such a journey for me, and its a year I'm not likely to ever forget. Since the clock will not wait for me I decided to make a 2011 desk calendar to push myself into embracing the New Year to be!! This was a $1.00 square frame from Michael's...I ask you has one dollar ever looked so good??? With the giving Thanks collection form Teresa Collins it can!

Talk about "bling" in the New Year!!! This beautiful frame is the perfect adornment to make my desk calendar feel both elegant and vintage, I really like the idea of an altered item feeling like it has a little history although its brand new. {just like 2011}

These 4x6 Month title cards are easy to customize, by printing out a 2011 calendar and cutting out each month and adhering them to a decorative cricut cut. Each page is decorated with a simple word from the transparency sheet in the collection. I chose the word Journey to remind myself that each day is a journey, and that this new Year will be full of new beginnings! Click here to print out your own calendar.

To create your Desk Calendar, you will need a frame, and frame holder {6.99 Micheal's} ,Teresa Collins Giving Thanks collection, mod podge, foam brush, drill, hole punch {big bite cropodile used here} printable calendar, die cuts {cricut and French manor cartridge used here} ribbon, black paint, binder rings.Paint frame and allow to dry, apply mod podge to back of paper and adhere to frame. apply a generous coat to front.

Use your hole punch to punch through all pages at once, make sure pages are even. This is a 4" page and is punched at 1" and 3". Use these holes to make registration marks on the frame, drill holes large enough to thread binder rings through.

Cut each monthly section and adhere to die cuts, be sure to keep track of what month you are working with if you choose to cut off the headers like I did.....otherwise you may put the wrong month on your page, and that could cause major malfunctions :) Embellish as desired!

This is the room the altered frame will reside, it looks so beautiful in there!! I love how "me" this project is! I rarely get to make things that are just for me, so I really LOVE how this project turned out!!!

This is the artwork that hangs in my room, it is a collage of tin ceiling tiles, each one is different and come from all over the globe. I picked it up at the antiques market In Mt.Dora several years ago, it is one of my favorite things!

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JennyKozar said...

I love the classy look of this!

Lynn B. said...

I agree with Jenny, very classy!

flowerdisco said...

gorgeous--all of it but the tin frame is stunning!
happy 2011!

jramsdell said...

Love your calendar, I agree with the rest of the ladies, also loved your project on the Cricut Blog, CUTE!!! Happy New Year!