Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Hour

What could be better than gooey cheese covered nachos, frothy cold cocktails and salt rimmed glasses?
Great conversation, and quality time with your best buds!! Summer is the perfect time to throw a little happy hour cocktail party, to sit out on the deck with your friends and relax. Weather you have happy hour before a movie or have a poolside picnic what a yum-tastic way to reconnect!
 This card can function as an invitation or a Birthday greeting! The smile factor is a 10 on a scale of 1-10

This stamped citrus image comes to life with a splash of crystal effects. If you have never used crystal effects treat yourself to a bottle of this multipurpose shiny liquid! It can look like water, glass, or a glossy surface, it also has super bonding properties that are coveted among stampers and crafters alike!

These bitty tags were created with StampinUp!'s new tiny tag punch, Use markers to ink separate words on your stamps to create new sentiments. Isolating one word or image can make each of your stamps more usable. To fray the ends of a ribbon, pull the cross end of a thread with a needle or sharp point of your scissors, the ribbon will unravel {most of the time}

to create this Margarita glass I cut a circle at approx 2/3 from top, a sliver for the stem and the small oval punch for the base. I thin line of crystal effects and chunky glitter make a salty rim!

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Deborah March said...

LOVE that margarita glass...YUM!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it!!!!!!!!!so creative,,that ribbon and chrystal glass is fabulous!!!!

Lisarenae said...

This card makes me want a margarita real bad! (And yes, a side of nachos please!)