Monday, May 10, 2010

Textured Lattice

Sometimes You Just Have to try something totally different.

We all know how it is , you have an "its OK" stamp set but its just lost its lovin' feelin' . The truth is, this is one of my biggest problems. I'm fickle. The stamps are just the way they were when they were brand spanking new in a fresh box that I practically ripped out of the UPS mans arms, but I have gotten bored with them. This is when I have to take a step back and try to use that set in a whole new way......or grab that dogeared copy of the catalog and get shopping. personally I do.both. I give myself the freedom to try a new set I have had my eye on, and rediscover the potential of a set I already have...its very good for the mojo!

Try unexpected colors, and textures.

By using the lattice sizzix die as a stencil and a small amount of joint compound tinted with reinker, I created this plaster type texture very similar to my aged plaster but without heat setting. I love the rough concrete feel that is thin enough to be cut in my paper trimmer.
Lets talk color. How about skipping the whisper white for a change and stamping on kraft? the bright and earthy contrast is amazing!
  YES it is a lot of pink, you have my blessing to use whatever color you choose. But do yourself a favor and make it colors you don't always try, you may find a new favorite combo.

Use what you have on hand:

Instead of tossing my stencil in the garbage,{because if one more thing went in I would have to change the bag} I put it to good use as a gift card holder...a very pretty one at that! What stamp set or tool do you need to dust off and give a second chance? I would love to hear your answers!

Happy creating,

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Unknown said...

this is an awesome project and inspiring!!!

It has inspired me to dig out my watercolor pencils... thank you....