Friday, May 28, 2010

Sticky cuts pillow box

If Diamonds are a girls best friend, then glitter must be her lifelong pal.
Well if you are a girl like me that is. I have had a few glitter-catastrophes in my journeys there was the glitter bomb of '09 where an entire container of red glitter dumped on the counter......while I had the heat gun on. To this day I'm cleaning up the remnants of red sparkle. There was the glue-glitter-phone incident that I shall never speak of....ever :)  and we have all at one time or another gasped in horror as a grinning two year old sent a glittering avalanche cascading down the front of their clothes and dining room floor.

All of those memories are a thing of the past with my new favorite product, the sticky cuts. I would never have poured micro beads over a glued surface. I made this little pillow box in 5 minutes flat, good to know the next time I need a gift card holder or a little treat container on the fly {don't we always}

Smooch Spritz
in vanilla was misted  over my finished pillow box...because apparently you can never have too much shimmer! Can you see it on the screen? look closely with your eyes squinted and maybe grab a flashlight....or just trust me its super pretty!!!

all products Stampin up unless stated otherwise
sizzix pillow box die
paper; razzelberry lemonade , dusty durango
dusty durango ribbon
sticky cuts sweet,
martha stewart copper micro beads
smooch spritz

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Monique said...


Melissa said...

Great job! Love all the little beads! :)

Penny Hanuszak said...

Never thought about getting the sticky cuts until now.......... both smooch and your darlin' little flowers have impressed the hell out of me. Shopping I will go........... TFS!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

This is GORGEOUS!I just love it and what a beatiful statement that will make when you give a gift in this!

Giselle said...

very cute =D TFS