Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Picture This

Cuttlebug Challenge #84

This week our cuttlebug be inspired challenge is to use photos. If a picture says a thousand words- what do these pictures say to you? This lavender candle and box of matches are adorned with nostalgic wash day images.Pretty ribbon and embossed core'dinations paper.

As a young girl growing up in Florida meant lots of things, sandy beaches, balmy breezes, and outdoor laundry rooms. 30 years ago humidity was a major enemy as was any extra heat, in or around the house. When we were tall enough to reach the clothesline my sister and I were put in charge of hanging laundry on the line. My mom would drive over to our aunts house to wash clothes as our small beach house didn't have a washer. Everything dries quickly in the bright summer sun, and by the time a game of TV tag with our cousins was won, it was time to fold and stack towers of sheets into wicker baskets.

The heady scent of orange blossoms and fresh cut grass clung to the crisp blouses, and pretty patterned tablecloths. Those moments of peaceful hanging and folding didn't seem like a chore until I was about 15 and had more important things to do than trudge a heavy basket of wet clothes into the sandy back yard. I  would welcome those carefree days of listening to sheets flapping in the wind mixed with the laughter of my sister and younger cousins. This gift set is for my sister, who still hangs her clothes on the line.{ She is such a good example of living green}

On second thought, I think that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, photos can evoke memories, emotions, and every now and then they can take you back in time like your own personal time traveling device
 I invite you to play along with us at cuttlebug challenge blog this week, I would love to see what photos inspire you. The DT has a gallery of diverse and artistic ideas for you, please take the time to visit them.


Anonymous said...

Shantaie this is `Gorgeous` I love your beautiful lavender set!!!!You totally push the boat out! I love love love ♥ to see your wonderful creations!!!!!....fab project my `friend`:)TFS
Enjoy the rest of your week:)xxx

Beth said...

Gorgeous set Shantaie and I love your phot makes me think of my grandma when her clothes used to flap in the wind.

June Houck said...

You already know how much I love your projects, but I enjoy reading your blog posts just as much! I wish we lived closer, but learning more about you through your blog will suffice for now :)

Love you, Girlfriend!

Sandee Shanabrough said...

Shantaie, I love how creative you are! These photos are fantastic! Your projects are wonderful and I know your sister will love them!

Lisarenae said...

Wow! I wish you still had that house on the beach! This post makes me wanna do laundry, all white sheets of course, and hang them out on the line and sit on the porch and drink raspberry lemonade, with lots of ice! But it's raining. Guess the laundry will have to wait!

Deborah March said...

You were raised in beach house in Florida...lucky little girl! Beautiful set here Shantaie, and I just LOVE those pantaloons on the clothesline!!