Monday, May 17, 2010

Get A Grip

Its Laundry Week at InkingPink
These are not your grandmothers clothespins. They are multifunctional beautiful objects ,the very definition of grace under pressure. This week we are exploring a whole new way to approach the much dreaded, often hated task of doing laundry. We all have to wash, dry and fold. Why not love every minute of it? OK {love} is a very strong word, so lets take it one step at a time. Maybe you will never. ever. love pre-treating grass stains, but I promise you will fall in love with the fantastic laundry themed projects I have for you. 

All you need to make these clips by the dozen  are a few ingredients. Wooden clothespins, designer series paper, a paintbrush and liquid laminate.
To get started measure the surface of your clothespin and cut paper to size.

Use paintbrush to apply liquid laminate to pin and paper. Apply several layers to create a waterproof seal.

Yes you can use these to hang clothes! And How could that not bring a smile to your face? What a simple luxury.
Do you ever stop and breath in the scent of a freshly dried towel? I love the fluffy bulk a clean folded towel has. I use a liquid fabric softener and that makes my whole laundry room smell like a warm sunny field of lavender. Really makes me happy. Take the time to appreciate how clean soft socks wrap your feet in snug comfort {must be why the dryer steals them} So whip up a few clothespins, and get a grip. 
You can also use these clothespins for a laundry list of other household tasks such as:

  1. Hanging photos
  2. use as a decorative bag closure
  3. apply a magnet and get a grip on your grocery list
  4. use to hold paper while you heat more hot fingers
  5. a pretty clamp in your craft room
  6. keep on your desk to Corral papers
  7. keep in your car to keep track of receipts
  8. keep in your purse for coupons
  9. attach to a clipboard
  10. roll ribbon lengths using clip to secure ends
  11. give as party favor
  12. A decorative package accent
  13. fill an apothecary jar as a home accent
  14. play party games
  15. use as a place setting clip

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If you have any questions contact me frougirl3 @
Happy creating!


Charlon said...

Okay, I "love" the clothespins, much as I dread laundry. But what I really ***LOVE*** is your ability to find the hidden treasures in everyday things. Thanks for reminding us to be thankful for the little blessings in our lives....

Anonymous said...

How much are they? I want some! I actually attempted to paint mine but it was Christmas time and needless to say I have red and green clothes pins in the spring (lol). I love the act and scent of hanging laundry on the line, feeling the breeze in my hair, getting my dose of vitamin D, watching the squirrels play,and listening to the birds songs. Your clothes pins will be the perfect compliment to my beautiful experiences of harnessing the suns power and remembering my dear Aunt(teaching me to enjoy hanging clothes). I can envision adding more beautiful memories with a touch of inkingpink in my dily routine. Thank You for sharing your creations.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that wooden clothespins are way more environmentally friendly than the oil derived plastic clips. We all know what a messy situation oil can cause. I suupport your more Earth friendly wooden clips. Great Job! Way to think out of the box.

Nishant said...

Thanks for reminding us to be thankful for the little blessings in our lives
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America said...

Shantaie these are absolutely FABULOUS GF!!! Love the designs and your wonderful ideas.

polwig said...

I love the clothespins they look so classy not boring...