Sunday, June 4, 2017

Painted Planner Pages This Week

I had a sticker sheet leftover from a scrap kit, and thought it would be a pretty way to design my planner for the week. I have a lot going on, so I wanted it to be sunny and happy!

I used gesso to prime the page for paint, and added a bit of seaglass paint, and a few drippy bits, and a spritz of lemon glimmer mist.

I added the stickers, and filled in a sampling of my schedule, and to do list. As the days arrive, I typically fill in my planner the night before. As always, I only fill in the things I may need reminding of, not my each and every action. I don't need to list mop the floor, or wash the bed linens.

I say have some fun with your planner, after all when the year is done, its like a time capsule of your daily life!

There are no real rules, but do keep in mind, that you have to be able to write on the next page next week, so use gesso before painting, or using dark markers that may bleed through. 
{yes I learned the hard way}
That is a happy accident, as it's the reason I started using paint cover black sharpie. 
I plan to have a great week! what's you plan?

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