Monday, May 29, 2017

Planning a beautiful week

I use a planner, a to do list, and shopping lists each and every day, It was almost a year ago that I accepted the challenge to.... "plan my planner" That is to stylize it and decorate the pages with fun elements. I was a nervous wreck, here I had been designing for years but was daunted and felt out of my scope. My first planner pages were...not amazing, but wow so much fun!!!!

Fast forward and I have found my personal style, my absolute love for designing, and personalizing my planner. I use my planner as a reminder to stay focused, not as a to do list so much. Mainly because my lists are typically quite long, and who needs to see each daily task written out? mop the floors, sort the mail, make the's exhausting! So My personal style is to list those things I'm likely to forget!!! I'm naturally quite unorganized, this helps!!!

Paint, paper, thin embellishments, like stickers or acetate bits are perfect! I get pretty jazzed to look at my planner each day, and usually leave space to add items as I go. I'm still trying my hand at brush lettering, like most people I don't love my handwriting.

I'm planning to share my planner pages each week, a lofty goal for a girl that has let her blog all but die, but It's in my planner! I'm hoping to hear from you about all of your planner designs, fears, and of course plans

It is important to me to treat my week, and my plans as though they matter, and are important...because they are, the little everyday moments, big tasks, errands, work...well that's the makeup of your life isn't it? This is a scrapbook of what you really do!!! 

XOXO Shantaie

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