Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Entryway redo for zero cash!

I recently decided my "entryway" that may be to grand a word for a tiny stretch of wall to the right of my door as I walk inside.... was looking shabby and neglected. It became a catchall for puppy toys, mail, keys, and  such. Functional sure. Warm, and inviting? Not lately.

The previous table was enjoying a second life, it was originally a filing cabinet, the drawer long ago fallen apart, I added a shelf and basket and a little jewelry box with a silver tray to hold keys and candles, I replaced it with a console table I purchased years ago for my daughter to use as a slim makeup table in her room, it was serving as a tv stand in the guest room, and now a new life by the front door.

I tend to use decor that will fit in any room, and move things around from time to time.....not always my family's favorite past time I'll admit, but shopping from your own space is not only a great way to give things a new purpose, and save a ton of cash, but it also challenges you to look at your things in a new and exciting light! Even the not so perfect items!

I posted the above photo on instagram, Facebook, and a couple of groups, and the response was very encouraging, although the vote was to switch the watering can to the opposite side and not to have both greenery elements stacked one on top of the other, I noticed it immediately after I posted the photo, and I agreed with the masses! 

The switch is a better look! I pulled every single item from other areas in my home. of course I had to do a bit of rearranging in the places I "shopped" from, but that's pretty easy to do. As Easter ushers in I will undoubtedly change the items on or under the table  adding bunnies, eggs, and nests, how I love spring!

The real trick is not to let things get too stagnant, your home decor shouldn't fall into the "background noise" category, it should be calm, or bold, but always in focus. I was definitely guilty of letting this entryway that greets me and my guests every single day, fall into neglect and it became stale, blah, and not at all "me"   


How do you keep your home fresh, and do you shop from your house too??? I would love to know!

XOXO Shantaie

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