Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ooh La La

Have you been seeing all the amazing cards made with watercolor backgrounds out there? They are so gorgeous, and captivating. Although watercolor paper backgrounds themselves are not new,  the ways they are being stretched to new limits by paper artists, is innovative and exhilarating! 

To try my hand at creating something new I decided to just let my playfulness loose and do whatever came to mind as I pulled supplies from my drawers. I settled on a monochromatic background in an ombre, that seemed like a beautiful backdrop for a floral stamp set. I started to grab white embossing powder, but opted for a glitter infused powder of pink, white, and gold instead. The result is slightly shabby, and super gorgeous.

I used the textured side of my watercolor paper for this card, a choice I wouldn't ordinarily make, but I was interested to see how it would look, in the name of experimentation and adventure if nothing else! I love the lines it added to my background, but the real surprise was the "resist" effect it had on the stamped images...perfectly distressed right?!!! 

Another trick I tried  was to add fine clear glitter to the back of my SRM sticker in hopes of adding shimmer without any glitter shed, in person it is a tad shimmery but not overly so, and it doesn't come off! I count that as a winning new clear sticker technique for just a little shine. As far as getting really glittery, I'll add it on top next time. 

Take a tour of instagram, and pinterest and I can promise you will find a treasure of inspiration for watercolor backgrounds, done in every way imaginable, I'm happy with my twist on this trend!

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