Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Taking A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

New York City Is A Feast For The Eyes!

 Manhattan does not disappoint, the architecture, the people, and oh the shop windows! We walked miles and miles each day of my recent birthday trip to New York and enjoyed every step everything but the flights and flights of stairs in and out of the subway!
 We did treat ourselves to the magical world famous Magnolia bakery banana pudding, and even got cake on my birthday, where the entire staff and shop full of customers sang to me while banging on baking sheets, a moment I will never forget and always cherish!

I stopped many times to snap a quick photo of the beautiful creations like these mini cakes found at the grand central market.  One of my favorite places!!! I would love to get these for Valentines day!!!

I just adore the sprinkle rimmed cupcakes, such a simple design that anyone can recreate and feel successful at!

These cinnamon and chocolate twisted pretzels have my heart in knots! I didn't try them, but they look divine!

I couldn't leave the city without having a bagel....no it's not a rainbow bagel, but it is everything!!!!

This ruben from Rue 57 is the absolute best I have ever had! I did not eat clean my whole visit, I regret nothing!!!! The bread in NYC is magical, crusty, and soft, and the flavor is... well it's perfect!

Delicious turkey burger, but that corn salad from Rue 57 is worth the trip on it's own! 

No matter what, do not miss the Magnolia bakery on your next visit, I'm from the south and I know banana pudding, and honey nothing can beat this little pot of sweet smooth confection! 

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