Monday, February 6, 2017

Porchside Pretty

With the absence of holiday topiaries and poinsettias my front entryway has been bare and icky sad and gray! I needed to add some green and some much needed life to greet me cheerfully as I walk in... or as I leave for the day's tasks!  I have never tried hydrangeas before even though they are one of my favorites, fingers crossed I can keep it healthy and vibrant.

Don't you love shopping for plants? I get all giddy walking through rows and rows of waxy leaves and velvety petals, I have a hard time choosing what to pick up.....I always want to buy everything. Living in Florida means dry hot days so I do have to keep that in mind.

My home is my nest, my sanctuary, and my place of unequalled joy, live plants add so much brightness and calm to a space ...indoors and out. I love the simple elegant beauty of my little porch, the perfect view as I walk up to my front door, like a little hug! 

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