Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Champagne gummy bears

I used to do this little thing on facebook where I named three things I loved that day, it could have been a lipstick color or a new paper line, but I had fun sharing my favorites, I'm not sure why I stopped, it was fun and opened up an easy comfortable line of conversation and I miss that. 

In that spirit I hope you will love my favorites today! I have been working at the lakeridge winery for 25 years doing the monthly events there, and the southern white wine is simply divine! Sweet, subtle, smooth, and easy to drink even for those who don't like wine!  I love to read and these champagne gummy bears my daughter got me for Valentines day are soooooo scrumptious such a great pair while relaxing and reading! 

Roses are always a good idea. Sweet aroma, soft velvety petals, and they make any room in the home feel luxurious! 

I have an love for doors that borders on obsession! They offer entry to hidden spaces, kind of the way reading a story does, and like a wonderful book, this doorway is magical!!! 

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