Thursday, January 26, 2017

Love is Golden

My newest love is ginger tea, it's steeped ginger lemon and a touch of honey, it's warmth and slight zip are so spirit lifting, as well as healthy for my body and soul. So happy to be spending time in my studio too, I am feeling more like myself and refreshed with each hour I spend creating. Oh happy day! 

I pulled out a basket of watercolor paints and just kind of swiped a few shades of coral, pink and red onto watercolor paper, the hardest part for me is always waiting for paint to dry..... some impatient  time later I added a row of stenciled hearts and a dash of gold glitter and waiting impatiently again.....
After that I began adding layers of embellishments and goodies, and had oh so much fun, sipping tea and glueing on pretty things!

This is the beginning of my season of hearts, I hope I get more free time to create with such a warm heart and free spirit! 
Have a wonderful love filled day!XOXO Shantaie