Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Craft room magic of tidying up!

Last year I read the life changing magic of tidying up, I was already in the process of "purging" my home and felt this book could help me. At first I didn't see how the book could teach me more about letting go of clutter, but I read it to completion, and the message really struck a chord within me.

I have lived in the same house for over 20 years and growing up my family moved a lot, and I didn't realize that I held onto things just in case.... or because I held sentimental value in items stored in an attic .....I'm no hoarder, not even close, but I have taken truck loads to donate, truckloads to the curb, and I still have a home and a shed FULL of things! Difference is now I can actually use, love, and access them without a crane or a crowbar! ;)

I'm not 100 done with my tidying, but I will tell you the craftroom was the hardest, and to be honest I procrastinated doing this room because so many items help sentimental connections to past design teams, favorite crafts, and memories. PLUS there were thousands upon thousands of little things to sort through! 

Don't cringe and decide not to ever tackle your crafty spaces, I pinky promise it is worth it! I kept only what I actually use, and love. As a bonus I discovered new ways to use some old favorite supplies, and I also let go of years and years of my paper stash, fabric stash, and stamp sets. After all whats the point in outdated papers, or fabrics, I found that the patterns were out of style and the possibility of using them was slim to none, and space is premium in any craft area am I right???

If I want a product I know where it is and I probably know exactly what colors I own because everything has a home, and knowing where to put things back makes clean up super quick!

Some things were hard to let go of, really hard. But in the end I have a space that is even more beautiful, functional, and inspiring than ever before! So worth the time and effort....and you know what? I have not missed a single thing I let go of!

I even have space to decorate for the seasons!!!
my spooky desk display!

If you need to take a few hours, days, or weeks to clear it out and make room for mojo, trust me once it's over you will thank yourself over and over again!!!

Have you tidied up?Share your stories!!


Sharon Sweeney-Russell said...

I am working on this very thing! For days I have been working-lol! Seems entire house is in disarray as I do (donate piles, yard sale piles and the stuff that went in the trash!!!!) almost there...almost! Thanks for sharing

Nancy Seed said...

Morning. Love it when the room comes together just wish it would stay that way.
Quick question, where did you find the lids for your mason jars? Great idea.

Myrna said...

Thank you for the extra gentle little push in the right direction.
I am in the process of de-cluttering my whole house as it is very small and now I have a young adult living with me and so needed to make more room.
The craft room is the hardest and I love your triangle storage for your crayons etc.. Any chance you could show pics of the rest of your craft room?

Shantaie said...

Hi Nancy I found the jars at World Market, there are 4 for 4.99 or maybe 3.99 and I painted the lids gold with spraypaint!