Friday, October 28, 2016

It's All About The Candy!

I recently adopted a clean eating lifestyle ( with the exception of the occasional pumpkin spice latte...but that's another story) and I really truly waffled back and forth about Halloween treats. I way over thought this people...way!!!
However in the end I came to the decision that Halloween for kiddos is all about the candy, and hello, I'm not messing with that!
I had fun bagging up these treats in a simple kraft bag and layers of cute Halloween images.

The papers are from my spooky stash and combine a mix of my little shoebox, American crafts, and SRM stickers

I found these glittered cobwebs at Michaels earlier in the season, and I have made good use of the pack I picked up, I have put them on almost everything!

The kraft bags are from SRM and I love shopping from my desk for supplies like these that can be used for absolutely any occasion! I keep a dozen or more on hand at all times!

That sheer and spooky gauze was found in the decorating area of Michael's Halloween section, and I thought "oh that will be gorgeous as ribbon for cards" (because I talk to myself in my head when I shop just like everyone else) right? :)

I'm sure the kiddos will much happier with the treats full of candy and handmade with love bags, that a plastic ring or bouncing eyeball.... okay a bouncing eyeball would have been pretty cool too! 

Have a wonderful weekend filled with ghosts, goblins, and of course's all about the candy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hello Fall Vinyl greetings

Today on the SRM blog I tell you all about adding Vinyl to a craft pumpkin for fall decorating! I love pumpkins, and even though I do always mix natural and crafty pumpkins, sometimes it gets a bit dull. Adding a bit of vinyl is just the thing to spark a little creativity to your home, porch, or yard for fall!

Here is a recipe for a guilt free fall treat from stupid easy paleo yummy!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Craft room magic of tidying up!

Last year I read the life changing magic of tidying up, I was already in the process of "purging" my home and felt this book could help me. At first I didn't see how the book could teach me more about letting go of clutter, but I read it to completion, and the message really struck a chord within me.

I have lived in the same house for over 20 years and growing up my family moved a lot, and I didn't realize that I held onto things just in case.... or because I held sentimental value in items stored in an attic .....I'm no hoarder, not even close, but I have taken truck loads to donate, truckloads to the curb, and I still have a home and a shed FULL of things! Difference is now I can actually use, love, and access them without a crane or a crowbar! ;)

I'm not 100 done with my tidying, but I will tell you the craftroom was the hardest, and to be honest I procrastinated doing this room because so many items help sentimental connections to past design teams, favorite crafts, and memories. PLUS there were thousands upon thousands of little things to sort through! 

Don't cringe and decide not to ever tackle your crafty spaces, I pinky promise it is worth it! I kept only what I actually use, and love. As a bonus I discovered new ways to use some old favorite supplies, and I also let go of years and years of my paper stash, fabric stash, and stamp sets. After all whats the point in outdated papers, or fabrics, I found that the patterns were out of style and the possibility of using them was slim to none, and space is premium in any craft area am I right???

If I want a product I know where it is and I probably know exactly what colors I own because everything has a home, and knowing where to put things back makes clean up super quick!

Some things were hard to let go of, really hard. But in the end I have a space that is even more beautiful, functional, and inspiring than ever before! So worth the time and effort....and you know what? I have not missed a single thing I let go of!

I even have space to decorate for the seasons!!!
my spooky desk display!

If you need to take a few hours, days, or weeks to clear it out and make room for mojo, trust me once it's over you will thank yourself over and over again!!!

Have you tidied up?Share your stories!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's A Plan!

Today on the SRM blog I'm sharing my very first designed planner page! 
I use a planner every single day, take a look at this post to see why I had never made my pages anything more than utilitarian! 

I have grown to LOVE making my planner fun, beautiful, and even more useful!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Candy Time

I spent some quiet time coloring after hurricane Matthew moved north of my area, reflecting how lucky we are to have only some slight damage and limbs to clean up.

Today is a new day it is sunny and beautiful, no meteorological evidence that a hurricane was ever here, only a drive through the neighborhood can tell the tale!

I found a haggard little tree frog in my bathroom this morning, covered in lint and weary, I picked him up and he seemed he wanted to go to sleep, I cleaned him up of lint and his him in a wet little shrub to rest, such a cute little guy, just like the little mouse above!

I stamped and colored these on mixed media paper, it's smooth and thick and quickly becoming my favorite paper! I started with the idea of doing a shaker card, but in the end a dimensional window was just as fun!

I used copics to color, and the mixed media paper is perfectly suited to layers of blending!

The tags were made using SRM Live Life Halloween stickers and were tied to the window with natural twine 

I just love that pop of green don't you? Remember when Halloween was orange and black only? I love adding unexpected color to Halloween, like blue, or pink! 

Have a wonderful weekend friends, enjoy all the Autumn goodness you can!!!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Hello Pumpkin

The last 24 hours we have been experiencing hurricane Matthew, lots of wind and some rain, I still have power so inking up my brand new Verve stamp set seemed an obvious way to spend this time!! We are under mandatory curfew, and EVERYTHING is closed so camp craftroom is buzzing with activity! :)

I stamped these lil pumpkins from Verve bountiful harvest in white on watercolor paper and colored them with markers and a damp paintbrush, a bit of watercolor paint in the background and a few odds and ends! almost as sweet as candy pumpkins!

All joking aside, thousand of people have been affected by this storm, we are very very lucky that we were spared the worst of Matthew when it wobbled east. my heart goes out to them!

Monday, October 3, 2016


For whatever the reason, I need to create...the kind of need that is hard to explain to another person, especially those who are not motivated by creativity. I may not NEED a Halloween card at this moment, but at this moment I NEED to MAKE a Halloween card!

A bit of water coloring, a few Silhouette cuts and a bit of stitching did a lot of good for artsy soul! I'm also avoiding the sugar monster that is standing right behind me all day!!! I am giving up sugar and y'all it is hard! ( have you seen all that pretty Halloween candy out there?!)

Don't you love the way watercolors blend into each other all randomly to make those gorgeous gradient colors! The hard part for me is being patient enough to let it dry completely.... I may be guilty of using the heat tool every now and then!

There is nothing I don't love about Halloween! do you love it as much as I do?

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy October!!

I can't think of a better way to usher in the brand new month of October than to share this pumpkin patch card featured on the SRM blog yesterday. Its full of fall hues behind those all important and beloved icons of autumn -the pumpkin.

I was inspired by all those lovely cards on pinterest highlighting a blurred stamped image in watercolor, how gorgeous they are! These mini works of art have me wanting to get lost in the gradient colors fading into one another like a sunset!

 The Autumn blessing stamp set is super gorgeous, just perfect for all things October! I can't imagine not using it over and over this month!