Monday, August 1, 2016

Golden Floral Birthday

I'm proud and excited to announce that I made the 2016-2017 SRM design team!!!! I make because I love to make, and I use SRM because I love SRM! Serving another term on this team is a gift to a person like me, but maybe not for all the obvious reasons that a reader might think...... a gift because this is how my day went:

   I wake up and oh joy a rare day off!!!  my plan: " have lunch, stamp, paint, and watercolor all day" write my post and done. but what actually happened....

lunch was altered into needing to do company accounting and payroll a day early since one of my managers had to leave town, a few minutes later discover that my cellar is flooded...3" of standing water!!! hustle to clean it up and rescue my belongings all drenched and muddy. a late dinner and family meeting of my daughters boyfriend for the first time!!!! (yikes under any circumstances)

My life is seemingly full of these types of days, in fact more often than I care to admit. :)

Finally time to work on my card and calm the day, I stamp, and paint, and watercolor these flowers and the stress of the day is wiped away. I'm happy, energised, and creative. This outlet, quite literally transforms me into a better version of myself, the self I like the most, a peaceful vibrant more alive person. So you see... a gift!!!

Thank you Susan for trusting me to represent you and the vision you have for your company, and more than anything thank you for allowing me to be part of this amazing team!