Friday, July 1, 2016


 It's no secret that I have the reputation to be a silly, fun loving maybe even slightly twisted girl! I like to celebrate all holidays, but there are some that I like more than others!  Like shark week!!!
I made a batch of sugar cookies using these fred cookies cutters  they were super fun to decorate!!!

 I did say slightly twisted? this was the favorite cookie and nobody wanted to munch on her... but she did get eaten! :) The creator of Jaws would approve I'm certain of it!

Now all kidding aside sharks are beautiful creatures that need to be protected and understood, as a family we love and respect sharks. We love all the cheesy gory movies as much as the next guy, but we implore everyone to learn about the animal and how they help modern medicine, and the ecosystem as a whole.


Lisarenae said...

The best!!!!! Girl, you've gone to the next level!!!!! You always wow me but this time.... Well done!!!!

moknowsall said...

Out for blood. Love them