Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Try Again...

Trying new things is the absolute best, and my favorite aspect of any artform.... however sometimes it leads to small failures. I remember learning to sew I put a sleeve in a dress inside out and finished the little dress for Meagan, it wasn't until she was on her way to school in that wonky dress that I noticed the mistake! 
Oh I still laugh at the memory of that dress! However I moved on to become a pretty accomplished seamstress, no tiny failures stopped me from learning! 
Sooooo last night I had to move on from the um...ahem...ugliest card ever! LOL

 Yes it has a few redeemable qualities, but the hues, layout, composition...are all pretty terrible! The techniques are pretty awesome, the parts all smooshed together are well...awful! LOL I will laugh at this one for quite some time! I didn't want to give up on the idea, so I tried again.

Much better color, softer, sparklier, and cleaner lines! I'm glad I gave it another try, I quite like this version! Maybe not my favorite this week, and I spent more time than I should, especially when I have more packing to do! :)

side by side comparison, okay maybe its not the ugliest card I've ever made, but the others were filed in the round bin! I'm glad I photographed this one before throwing it out, to share my "failure" not sure any attempt should be a failure, just an attempt with less than desirable results! LOL

So keep trying my friends! XOXO ~ Shantaie

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