Sunday, May 22, 2016

It Really Is The Little Things

Another painted card today, with a row of little SRM sticker greetings just right for an all occasion card. I'm going to try harder to send real cards out, I still believe that getting a card in the mail or on your desk is such an uplifting thing that can't truly be replaced or duplicated by a text or a message.

This card is so sweet, I need to hit the treadmill LOL I love these colors, golds, whites and shades of fluffy cotton candy, pure sugar! I decided to add a bit of white ink to the flower chipboard cluster, I really like how it defined the leaves, and floral centers, A technique I will try again for sure!

This is my last full weekend in Florida before the grand road trip (aka pilgrimage to New York for the summer)
 I have to work today, but I'm planning to slip in a little Disney time between packing and cleaning! I don't love packing...but I do love the zen aspect of reflecting upon how fortunate I am to have this life, this busy, crazy, beautiful life!!!!!!! It's one little thing, that means so much.