Monday, May 16, 2016

Beauty and the Beast

The most serendipitous thing happened recently, and it's only now that I can see just what a strong message I was receiving (even if I was not listening to my inner voice right away) 

Lets start with my birthday, I wanted a Beauty and the beast french inspired birthday. My family indulged this wish in many ways, from champagne brunch, to dinner at a wonderful local bistro, then france at epcot!

weeks later I met someone who needed help quickly making 100 invitations for a quinceanera, I offered to help.
I had no idea the theme.....yes you guessed it Beauty and the Beast! 

The cards had to be embossed in three separate sections, thats 300 times through the cuttlebug! hand tied, and a rose wrapped around each bow!

In short lots and lots of hours.

Then out of the blue, we finally got reservations to go to the "be our Guest" restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, and it was magical, I mean not cartoony magical, it was like being in a real castle, and the gray stuff really is quite delicious! It seemed my life was surrounded by Beauty and the beast.....

Then what happened next is almost unbelieveable..... I got a message from a friend and former employee that he really needed some help with props and set design for the Orlando ballet ( he is the creative director for the ballet) I of course said " yes, I would be thrilled to help. What is the ballet?"
I was stunned, excited, and nervous! I got to work on props, and painted a ton of things, and most of all I got to make the knife Gaston used on stage!!! My daughter and her friends got to go see the production, I was working and couldn't make it :( 
 The ballet was amazing, and Beauty and and the beast at this point was fully immersed in every pore of my life! LOL

I decided to present the invitations in a way that this young girl would never forget, after all this is the most important day of her life up to this point! A beautiful box tied with a single red rose!

It took me a while to piece together the crazy connections, of so much beauty and the beast! I even started watching the series on netflix...I know!! silly, but I needed to watch it!! LOL Today it hit me, how much we attract, and seek out the things we truly love, know and want and how much we repel and avoid the things we fear, dislike, and are overwhelmed by.
Life IS beauty and the beast, and like the fabled characters, both sides are so much more than meets the eye. I could never have imagined the story would present itself to me over and over, but I'm glad it did. Paperwork, taxes, and flat tires presented themselves too, those things I'm not so thrilled about.....and yes I'm paying attention, life is what we make of it!

I can only hope that my life continues to present me with opportunities to create, to remember to attract creativity, and inspiring people, and to allow that to be my beauty!


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Lisarenae said...

You are the Beauty and in spite of the Beastly things that happen in life, you still love, embrace and cherish it. Just like Belle!