Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kraft Boxes For Easter? Yes Indeed!

I'm a day or two late posting, or as I prefer to see it...fashionably late? Yes! I have never held back the long list of idioms when expressing my love for Easter, Spring, or anything else that I just happen to love for whatever reason. I make up words, gush endlessly, or in general drool glitter like a flying pixie dust fairy! I am just excitable like that! I do have some things that I gravitate towards because they bring me happiness, today I'm combining two such things...Kraft boxes...kraft anything is alway always always a Y.E.S. now turn a box into an Easter basket?! double that!

 I was featured on the SRM blog  with these little cuties all made with SRM kraft boxes and some pretty papers!

To read the entire article, and get the goods on ..where to get the goods, hop on over to this post and read all about it! Until next time my lovelies, enjoy the making of pretty things and happy times!
XOXO Shantaie

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