Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Golden Bunny

Taking time for myself to create seems a treat most if the time, I forget sometimes how very lucky I am to not only have a place to myself to create but also to have the time even if its short! 

I still get that same feeling of surprise and wonder when I apply an inked stamp directly to paper and pick it up to reveal the image in crisp detail, such a thrill! I know I know, I'm far too sentimental and maybe far too easily amused...however both of these things makes me quite fun to hang out with though! :)

I'm still loving sequins, and a glassine bag filled with them is pretty much the definition of sparkly joy. This little bunny is more hollywood glam than woodland creature as one would expect as a product of my imagination, I love his glossy smooth shine!

The stamp is a throwback from Stampin'Up! the spring sentiment is from SRM as well as the doily and the glassine bag and the die cut and border stickers. The papers are from Teresa Collins, and I had such a tough time deciding to go pink, yellow or blue! Blue only won by a smidgen, so hard to not make everything pink as I've been in such a "pink mood" these days!

So I'm off to clean up more clutter and binge watch some kind of murder mystery series, I'm in between series, and I'm shopping around for one that catches me! I am however devouring the Miriam Black series on the ipad and I warn you its not for the faint of heart, lots of dark humor, and language a sailor would blush at! If you are into that sort of thing than I say dive in! :)

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