Friday, January 29, 2016

Your'e A Gem

 Hey how are you today? I have this silly thing I do when I find something I'm drawn to or instantly fall in love with, I wonder if I'm the only one or if you do it too......I want to have it in every form shape and size....I decided one day that I love these gem shapes, and they are everywhere!

 I cut a ahem.."few" of them with my Silhouette  I found a little stamp set with a diamond in it, there are foil picks at Target, T-shirts, framed prints, ahhhhhhh I must control myself! okay you get the picture, I can easily overload on a trend, its just too tempting when everyone is making all those beautiful things!

To balance my trendy cut, I excavated a paper line called lime twist from a while back that had been totally unused and decided that it truly deserved to shine in the spotlight mixed with some gold papers, and non-traditional Valentine color combo. I'm 'digging" this mix like the seven dwarfs whistling "Hi Ho"......oh I TOLD you I get silly!

I should probably stop and get some coffee before I ramble any further and reveal just how goofy I really am, besides I spotted some gem stencils by Heidi Swap that I really need to go pick up from Michael's. ohhh I bet there papers too....... ahhhhhhhhhhh

have fun with whatever you are crushing on at the moment! XOXO Shantaie

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