Thursday, December 31, 2015

With Love Darling

 Can you believe it? Its the last day of the year! We have 365 days of blank canvas ahead of us, how fortunate we are to have this year to look forward to, to see what adventures await?
 I try not to make too many promises or resolutions for the new year is just not my way. I don't swear to eat better, or stop procrastinating, I make no vows of better budgeting or saving money in the new year, I try to make those types of life altering choices when i'm fully committed to them.

The new year mostly brings to mind  the memories I have of the previous year, the concerts, the new favorite songs, fun outings with friends, and how may times I laughed. how many times I cried. What and who do I love, did I live each day to the fullest? what will be my one little word this year? To reflect with happiness that I have grown as a person, and continue to grow even when growing hurts.

So my New Years wish for myself and for all of you, is that each day is made with love my darlings, every choice is made with love, every moment, every thought, every breath is made with love.

With Love My Darlings..... XOXO Shantaie
Happy New Year!

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