Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Cheer

I'm the girl that's always late to the party, always running out the door five minutes after I'm supposed to be at a meeting, willing green lights to await me at the intersections so I can make it on time! I know what you're thinking, being late shows a lack of care or maybe just a disorganized soul...and maybe I am a bit of a mess some days!
 The real cause of all my tardiness is an inner desire to do it all! I want to make every minute count, and I often forget to count the minutes! So it's my constant battle to get things done on time, even with all of the modern tech to help me out I still slip up like a jester on a banana peel!

 Late with this post...ahem like really late, I was featured on the SRM blog on the 27th of November, with these super cute bottle brush tree topped Tubes filled with kisses.

Glass glitter trimmed tags, snowy trees, and silver stars transform the tube of chocolate into a gift ready to give! And hey they are early for Christmas, even if I'm late posting them! Do me a solid and pop into the SRM blog or the shop where you can order lots of goodies and tell Susan I sent you, maybe that will earn me a few forgiveness points! *wink*

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Tracy said...

You're singing my song, Shantaie! That's also me, as well! And those candy tube trees....with g-l-i-t-t-e-r..absolutely adorable! Now, I'll run out and get all the stuff so I can act like I'm going to make them and then sigh on December 26th. Super cute! Thanks for sharing