Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Advent calendar revisited!

Recently I discovered that an advent calendar I created a while back for Cricut has been featured in an article called best handmade advent calendars, and I thought I would share it again here! The calendar has been pinned over 2k times but sadly {for me} it's not linked to me and no one seems to know I'm the creator of the project. 
 Don't get me wrong, I'm just so excited that it is loved,that it is still being circulated and relevant and hope it has inspired others to make one .....or just to make!! That is the reason I create, and share!

I used the Cricut to make the pockets that were added to a frame, and all the papers and many of the embellishments are from one of my all time favorite Teresa Collins collections.

I originally created the calendar as a journaling calendar for my daughter, to write down the memories and feelings of the day, insert photos, ticket stubs, and add to it for the following years to come.

I still have the calendar and put it up in my craft room, it was a lot of work and I spent a few days making it, but it is beautiful, and the colors, textures, and thoughts bring me so much happiness!

I'm actually pretty shocked that with all the amazing art pieces out there that mine is included in such good company, but also thrilled that it is still being shared!

This is one of those projects that I made just for me, It was an assignment, and yes I was designing for a company, but I was free to make anything I wanted, and I fashioned it with true love for my daughter, and in my true style of modern meets vintage and simple yet more is more, I have spent so much time trying to develop my personal style and yet here it is staring me in the face! In that regard this discovery is a gift that will make my holidays sparkle all season long!


Lisarenae said...

This is one of those projects I believe you could make and sell or at least make the pieces for us less-than-crafty to put together and brag and say we made it!!!
It's beautiful!

Shantaie said...

thank you! I love the idea of a kit!

Melissa said...

Fantastic project!

LuvtoKraft said...

This is beautiful and truly a family treasure, Shantaie. I've gladly pinned to this post! Thanks for the Christmas inspiration!