Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My 2015 Halloween House

This post is photo heavy... 
so grab some Halloween candy and a Pumpkin spice latte and scroll along!
These are a few of our Halloween decorations around the house, we still haven't carved pumpkins or had a big scary movie party or put up the big graveyard outside. The house however has been done for weeks so I could enjoy it in all its spooky glory all month long!

I'm not the best home photographer, that takes a special talent I have yet to master, so squint and turn your head to make the shot look great! :) 

This is my dining room hutch usually the home for all of my pink glass, but at Halloween its a potions cabinet!

I'll be posting about these bags in a few days, I made them as favor bags for the scary movie party on Friday! Can you guess the theme?

My cousin Lisa got these for me a long time ago and I just love them!!!

So there it is! Thanks for walking around my house with me! I had fun decorating, and even more fun living with the spooky-ness this month! I will be a little sad to put it all away to make room for the Turkey! mmmmmm Turkey!


Diane said...

Wow, what fun, so many cool things to look at...the scarey movie party sounds like fun, too!! My sister decorates her house for Halloween too and I love just going there and looking around, it's like I am in a cool decorating yours...neato!! And I never even got my Halloween out..bad me!!

Lisarenae said...

Your house looks spooktacular!!!!
I can't wait to see the tutorial on the bags! I might need one!!!!