Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pig-Nic party on the porch

Each summer we have a party we call the pig-nic it usually stars pulled pork and bacon and all manor of maple infused deliciousness. This is a time for us to relax, rewind, and recharge before we head off to a long stretch of work. 
with Labor day weekend in full swing I thought I would share some of our festivities, who knows you might be inclined to use some of them for your next gathering!

 Favors are always a given at any party I put on, and this one hav two take home treats! These jars found at Hobby Lobby were filled with cookies and cream candies paired with piggy gummies. I made the tags using my Silhouette to print and cut my custom design {have I mentioned how much every crafty person needs one of these?}

The other take home was bottles of pink nail polish for the ladies "piggies" somehow I didn't manage to take any photos of my pretty pink collection {perhaps too many cocktails too soon!}???  :)

I ordered 6 little walking squeaking piggies from Amazon to have pig races { this was by far the most hilarious part of our event!} we lined them up and tied different color ribbons around their necks by way of identification, we held a yardstick in front of them and let them go... total silliness as each contender cheered on his mechanical champion! Prizes were issued like this glittered pig ornament.

we had pulled pork, gourmet hot dogs, a pickle bar, cole slaw, and chocolate bacon, and yes candied maple bacon too!

We had a maple cocktail complete with a mini waffle and a piece of bacon as a stir stick, and it was delicious!

We finished up with maple cupcakes topped with crisp bacon, we danced, we palyed corn hole, we told stories and pigged out! It is one of my favorite days of the year, I can't wait to do it all again next summer.

The food and fun are certainly wonderful, but more than this is sharing laughter, memories and quality time with friends and family, the cornerstone of my existence. Nothing matters as much as seeing someone I love smile... that and making them say" I'm a little piggy" LOL

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Lisarenae said...

Everything is better with bacon!!!
It all looks so cute & yummy!