Friday, September 4, 2015

Brewing up fun

I love creating, all types of  making-doing- and creating...the time to do so seems to slip away from me more and more. To paint, and fiddle with techniques to have the time to brew up some fun!!!
  I made this card for no special reason other than to enjoy the process, and get all geared up for the spooky season to come! I used the Crafty secrets Halloween scraps printables  to embellish the card along with a few leftover Silhouette cuts, and a scrumptiously bright orange tag!

I attempted a spooky dark flower by way of dying a white ribbon gray and adding black glitter...but its less spooky and more "grungy" than I planned! LOL

And I added a wispy bit of paint to my embossed layer with a paintbrush and a light hand, I must say it was very relaxing and quite fun!

Even if you are short on time, try to find time for yourself and to brew up your own kind of fun!


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