Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Patterned Vinyl monogram

There are some things that never ever go out of style and although they are modified with each generation, monograms have true staying power! Patterned vinyl is a game changer for the classic monogram and adds a touch of whimsy or playful sophistication! 
I have a project up on the SRM Blog today wanna see?

I picked up a simple (functional but yawn..boring) lap desk for reading, doodling, coloring, and if I'm to be honest probably a bit of snacking too! To give it some personality I added a layered a Silhouette cut monogram, easy quick and stunning!

I used mint Vinyl for the background, and grey chevron for the focal portion of the design. Use patterned vinyl for bold gorgeous monograms on any surface you want to personalize, or like me get a head start on your Christmas list and add a special touch to your gifts! 

Hope you try a layered monogram for yourself they are suoer fun!

1 comment:

Lisarenae said...

Yes, please! Us Southern girls need monograms for everything!