Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Making personalized Birthday cards for special people and special occasions is by far the best part of being a paper crafter! My cousin is in love with mermaids, so for her birthday I sent a care package fit for a goddess of the sea! I made this clean and simple card with lots of shimmery touches to accompany her package!

I cut the mermaid with my Silhouette and trimmed it to just the tail. Its rare that I don't use tons of layers, but oh how much those little sparkles make up for it!!!

It's been such a warm sunny summer, so often I have enjoyed time outside, but I do miss the sea! It will be time to head back to Florida soon, and the salty waves will be calling my name!

Until that day, I will be enjoying the mountains, fresh air, green everything, and lovely lakes of New York. Happy Birthday Lisa, swim, sun, and salted margarita's are my wishes for you!


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