Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Heartfelt Thanks

Hey out there! Well I'm back in my tiny craft space in the corner of my cottage bedroom and it is a real challenge to create in such a small space with limited supplies! You should see the comedy that is me. Imagine me trying to clear a spot to stamp or literally using a paper cutter on the bed, it has to be more ridiculous to watch than one of those overly dramatic product commercials...

you know the type that promises their product will transform your life! Yeah that's how silly I look! LOL However never one to back down from a challenge, I will create and I will embrace the fact that I do at least have a space with great light and a napping spot is always close by! :)

I managed to compete a card {hold your applause} it took 2 hours no joke! But mostly because I couldn't find anything! Oh and I was watching Netflix! My other addiction, seriously binge watching seasons of a good show is like the best thing ever invented! especially since I don't really watch TV

I love this color combo, and that arrow stamp is a new favorite! It's a keeper huh?

I'm forever in need of Thank you cards because :
 A. I was raised in the south {even if it was by wolves} and I believe in saying "Thank you", and
 B. I am truly truly thankful for all the things people do for me, my family or my business and that requires a thank you card!

 Big things or small things, big craftroom or tiny craft space I am thankful for all that comes my way! I'm all "optimistic and sunny" like that..... ;)

Make today and everyday a crafty adventure, create your own comedy, and no matter what have fun! XOXOShantaie

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