Thursday, May 28, 2015

Banana Cream Pie

Today is a beautiful sunny day full of sweet possibilities and to top it off I'm up on the SRM blog today with a confection themed layout! My challenge was to combine chalk markers and scrumptious sticker stitches on a layout! what fun!!!

 I swped the totle after writing freehand to give it a real chalky effect! I love that chalk markers work on cardstock too!

And yes I really do make Banana cream pie the old fashioned way cooking milk and sugar, no artificial colors, flavors or goo, just real ingredients and time required! It is a treat like no other! I do love to bake, and this pie is a family much so that I wanted to honor the memory by scrapping it and keeping it for the girls to have forever!

Hop over to the SRM blog for all the details and complete list of "ingredients!"

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