Thursday, April 23, 2015

Watercolor Gelatos Hello!

Hello friends, how are you today? Can we talk? I mean really have an open honest discussion  about how easily we artsy types switch gears? This is a real problem for the people in my circle, they tend to think I'm fickle or downright flighty...but I'm not, not at all.

I truly wake up each day feeling like a new version of myself which I'm pretty certain is true. After all we don't grow, age, and learn instantly, it happens like a tiny evolution each and every day-I digress I'm getting too deep here! On the lighter side, what I mean is that everyday I change my mind, my mood, my ideas. {I konw that sounds fickle, but keep reading} Today my favorite color is blue, my mood is blue.Tomorrow it will be green again, some days I want to papercraft and some days I want to be a pastry chef. :) keep reading give me a chance to explain!   :)

I love life and all it has to offer, this great need to create, connect, and consume all life has to offer, is as natural to me as breathing. Some things are steady and concrete like my favorite number is 3 and ice coffee is a daily ritual, I am loyal and honest, I value equality above all else......but the rest of me? is all up in the air ......all up to how I feel. I used to feel lost or guilty for not being as "solid" or 'tethered' as other people, but I have made peace with my gypsy soul, and I realize that is how I'm hardwired. People who settle into routines are hardwired that way, and the world needs both to be whole and interesting!  don't you think?

I'm lucky to work with such great companies like SRM Stickers who allow me to try new things and be playful!

I love the mix of watercolored paper and sequins, the sewn glassine bag embellished with a fancy sentiment and the metallic twine wrapped around a ribbon, its so eclectic and still so soft!

I love that being a crafty girl allows me an escape, an outlet, a way in which I can explore all types of things! I know you all love that too! So order some of these cute glassine bags and some stickers {because they are gorgeous} and make some pretties!

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Julee (Vervegirl) said...

I love your gypsy soul! Beautiful words and a gorgeous card!