Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mt. Dora Blueberry Festival roadtrip getaway

I had the chance to visit the first annual Mt.Dora Blueberry festival this weekend, and thought I would share a few of my favorite moments.

I have to say blueberries are one of my absolute favorite fruits, and this event had it all, smoothies, spritzers, cookies, pies, wines, salsas, and jams. Packed with artists, and specialty food vendors it was a fun {albeit really warm} hot day!

I got to visit my old shop and to my delight it has been transformed into a sweet little bakery! They were warm and welcoming, and eager to talk about my time in the store, and we shared stories of the history of the building. The blueberry cupcake with blueberry infused butter cream frosting piled on top was scrumptious!

A walk through Mt.Dora reveals little secret hidden gardens tucked beyond the shops and are as charming as an old world English garden!

I got up close and personal with this little guy when I helped him across the street to save him from all the Saturday afternoon traffic, what a cutie!

just yummy! Blueberry lemon infused water or a pineapple honey and grapefruit number! both were delicious and refreshing!

Sugar rimmed spritzer! oh so beautiful and yummy! Totally need to make these for mothers day!


Ohhh Snap said...

Looks like you had a fun delicious trip. And thank you for helping a turtle cross the road : D. I tried to help a snapper once, but without cardboard or a big stick (I figured it could bite the stick and I could carry the stick)... it was decided I would let it be where it was lol. (It's shell was water mossy).

Shantaie said...

awe! I love turtles and frogs, and well lots of animals! I've never touched a snapping turtle, the are strong!