Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fruit tasting party

A few months ago my girl turned 20 she is a fun, unique, and  interesting girl! We came up with a cool party idea called a "fruit cocktail" it was a big hit and maybe you may want to throw one this summer! 

The basic idea:
Gather several types of fruit from the everyday to the exotic and have a fruit tasting, cut pieces for guests to taste and compare (similar to a beer tasting!) This was really fun,we all discovered fruits that we had never tried, and found new favorites and a few that were best left to our imagination! :)

What Else to serve?
We made cheese and meat platters and several appetizer plates to fill up on, we played music in the background and mixed up two signature cocktails, one for the adults and one for the under 21's

We tasted, we danced, we mingled, and we shared stories, had cake and opened gifts. It was truly the perfect blend of an adult party and the last hurrah of the teen years! Print out a sheet so guests can keep a log of what they did or din't love, what was sweet, sour or grainy! A fruit cocktail is one sweet party idea! :)

Me and my beautiful beautiful girls!

I love these two, they make life so much fun! My moon and my stars! :)

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Ohhh Snap said...

What a great idea! When my kid was young, we'd try a new fruit about 3 times a year. Sometimes it was a hit, sometimes not so much lol. I still have to try persimmon some time.

I hope Chelsea had a fabulous party, it looks like it was a blast!