Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Basket Treats

This post could be titled "confessions of an Easter basket snob" or " How to dress up a mint container" but I decided to go with "Easter Basket Treats" because it sounds much nicer and far less pretentious that those Reject titles 

You see I have this dream.... a dream of an entire Easter basket filled with only pretty things and my family giving me the ooooooohhhhhhs, and aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhs that would bring tears of joy to the eyes of even the great Penn and Teller  and be worthy of my endless hours of glittering and ruffling and hot gluing my fingers together. But lets be real!

I have 2 adult daughters who grew up having a super cratfed...everything. I have done it they have seen it and honestly they are bored to exhaustion of me saying " OMG look what I made today"! My friends, my family, and my fellow crafty types are dang hard to impress these days!

You know its all true!

So when I covered these boring dare I say even ugly..... containers with ruffled crepe paper, adorable layers of round cardstock and precious glittered SRM  stickers chicks I expected the typical reaction of "hohum" but I am pleased to announce that the Easter preview was met with smiles and "ahhhhh that's so cute" can I get a woooo hooooo people????

From this 

To This
I would love to tell you that I filled 4 entire Easter baskets with all embellished and decorated packages........maybe someday I will achieve this dream! For now however I love how sweet these turned out, and am glad I spent my craft room time on them.

I may not have hand crafted every single element of my Easter Baskets I'm no "basket snob" after all! 

I want to always remember that family and the people we love are really what matter at  holidays, and every. single .day. If you are short on time do what you can, do what you love, and spend your time with your loved ones, .........that is what they will cherish. Always.XOXO

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Cheryl W said...

I hear ya'! I'm only hoping, when I depart this world, my grandkids will remember me as the Grammy who made every celebration special with her paper-crafted creations. And then they'll wonder how I found the time and inspiration to do it all!