Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blue Skies

Oh how time is zipping by like miles on the highway during a road trip!  ..... that is if the trip is going well....... In a few short weeks we will be taking our annual journey North to run our family candy business, and although our journey is not quite this colorful it is a fun trip!

I originally made this card for the August issue of Cricut magazine last summer and I'm so excited to finally share it with you, its one of my favorite quirky cards!

Stair step cards are so much fun to make and to display, and this one mimics a mountain road, and a bight and happy trip!

I hope you have a great day, I wish you happy travels wherever you go, even if its just to the craft store to get glitter!   :)
XOXO~ Shantaie

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June Houck said...

This is fun and fabulous. Safe travels, my friend!